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Download H.A.R.E.'s HOPPY operating system.

                            Installation Instructions

Warning!!! FAT32 support is not complete.

 There is a danger of corrupting other partitions as freespace is used-up.  Periodically perform a defrag on the partition from Windows or write your own defrag--it's not hard.  Disk access is not very robust, yet.


  1. Protected Mode operation
  2. Non-virtual memory for speed and simplicity
  3. Open access at all times to all memory locations and ports
  4. C/C++ like command line--No batch/script language to learn
  5. "Root" task for permanent, system wide code and symbols
  6. Character graphics grid overlayed on graphics
  7. Chained hash (symbol) tables allowing reference to functions, variables and all publicly defined elements of the assembly kernal
  8. C/C++ compiler for self-modifying code and use in applications during run-time
  9. Direct block access to drive for efficient database applications
  10. No Disk Cache tying-up half the RAM



1/28/04: Added system clipboard

1/27/04: Improved Stars-n-Bars, saved joystick calibration info

1/26/04: Improved file and directory code.

1/23/04:  Made an application--Stars-n-bars (STARNBAR.CPP).  Reviewing what changes are needed to the operating system to facilitate applications.

1/22/04:  Applications (and the command line) can have combination menu/help/macro files accessed by the WINDOWS key or button #2 on the joystick.  The menu choice number is placed first on the line.  A zero will do nothing. A "9999" allow you to select a macro.  (Macro's don't work yet except for the command line.)

1/21/04:  Implemented menu's but I'm not sure I'm going to keep this scheme.

1/20/04: Implemented support for "callback" functions.  Note, addresses of functions are denoted with an "&" in front.

1/18/04: Implemented default function parameters.  Now, '  dir("*");  ' is replaced by '   dir;   '.

1/17/04: Added cursor repositioning with joystick.  Note: once callbacks are supported, there will be a callback for converting from screen coordinates to data position.  I hope to create a memory and disk block editor using the linked_text_file support and eventually a budget program with the same editor.  There will be a callbacks to convert from data to text and from screen position to data position.

I decided I'm going to proceed being as non-redundant as possible.  (I was working on adding mouse support, but decided a joystick is good enough for now.  Eventually, I hope to have a custom input device anyway.  I'm not sure what to do about a new file system.  It's a low priority since FAT32 gets the job done, but I don't want to create extra work down the road.  So, I will implement layers in both of these cases to avoid converting down the road.)