Home and Away: 'Dani on Trial' (Part One)

Home & Away hits the bookstores in 2004! Get a fabulous new look at your favourite drama in novel form, starting with two books focussing on the period of Dani's trial - Dani on Trial and Prisoner No. 2549971.

The drama of Summer Bay is recaptured and expanded to give new insights into character and motivation. Find out just what Dani and Kane are thinking! Take a sneak preview of 'Dani on Trial', the first book in Pan Macmillan's exciting new series.

Dani on Trial (Part One)

It's everyone's worst nightmare. And Dani Sutherland is living it - every single day.

Summer Bay is abuzz with the news. The trial date has been set. Dani Sutherland will be charged with the attempted murder of Kane Phillips - the man who basically ruined her life and has claimed the love of her sister, Kirsty - the man she nearly killed on that treacherous night.

Was it an accident?

Justice Morag Bellingen is determined to give Dani a fair trial. But as the trial progresses, Dani realises that in a certain light the truth can cast a strange shadow. Who or what can she really trust? Kirsty? Her lawyer? Justice?

All she can do now is wait. Wait for the jury.

Wait for the verdict that will change her life. Forever.

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Chapter One
Chapter Two

Follow Dani's experiences in jail in Prisoner No. 2549971 (Part Two). Here's a preview ...

"Guilty as charged."

The words still echo in her head as she lines up for her mug shots. Dani has become Prisoner No. 2549971.

Three years in jail! No one is Summer Bay can believe it - certainly not the Sutherland family. But shock is not going to get Dani Sutherland out of jail. The family needs to organise an appeal and find the mystery witness - the only person who could back up Dani's story. Everyone is determined to help, even Justice Morag Bellingham!

Meanwhile, Dani is a world away from her family. She is contending with vulnerable Georgie, 'Matilda the Hun' (the screw with a heart) and top dog of the prisoners, 'The Guv'.

On the inside, Dani has to watch her back. Trouble is just one footstep behind her.

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