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04-20-04 - SDS under new leadership - by Aegis

I've decided to accept leadership of SDS. As a first step on getting a handle on where we are, I sent mail to all SDS asking for status etc. Heres what I have for status:
Name Online Status
Aegis Alive - Online daily/weekly
Ender Active - Online daily/weekly
Ben Active - Online weekly
MoonDogg Active - Offline spinning up on 2.9
Loki Active - Offline spinning up on 2.9
Black Plague Active - Offline spinning up on 2.9
Endless Semi Active - monthly?

Semi Active (out till june, machines dead)

Coop Semi Active - (machines dead)
Ezekeil Inactive? - (no status)
Sharp Shooter Unknown
Lust Out of SDS
Aztec Warrior Out of SDS?
ChuckHawk Out of SDS?
MonkeySmuggler Out of SDS?
PBH Out, joined UMC

New additon to SDS:
Ive invited Hackenslash to join the clan. He's a friend and co-worker of me and enders, I believe he'll make a good addition to the team.

Future direction:
My intent is to get us ready for playing ILCR matches. This means that we need to practice together as a team, and play with each other more often. I know everyones schedule is bad, mine is as well, I think that we're gonna start with just setting a day/time/server to play and see what kind of turnout we get. (more to come)

Match Play:
To play in ILCR we need to be able to field a team of 6, once a week. That team needs to have practiced together and work together as a team. I'd like everyone to download Team Speak as our voice comms tool. We'll work out which server etc to use once I figure out whats available.

Thats all I got for now, am trying to get a handle on where we are, stay cool. Aegis out.


12-01-03 - Preparation for Infiltration Version 2.9 - By Coop

Well, the day has finally come.  Infiltration 2.9 will be officially released at 4:00 PM EST, 1:00 PM PST.  Depending on its file size, SDS will be hosting it for download.  Likewise, we have a new downloads section.  Nothing fancy, but right now it has the UT436 patch for those of us Uninstalling and Reinstalling UT for the big day.  I'm hearing a lot of good things from the individuals that have received their CD's and I myself cannot wait to play. 

SDS will be hanging out in the official infiltration IRC chat room located at the following location:

mIRC Version 6.12 can be downloaded from our downloads page as well.  See the menu to the right.

Beppo, the lead coder of Infiltration, will be presenting the new version of inf on a German television station.  When that happens, we will be able to officially download and play the new version.

SDS Role Call:  Too all members, please email me to let me know if you will be playing now that the new version is out.  If you miss this opportunity to let me know about your activity, you may be removed from the clan.

The Following Members are Verified Active in 2.9:

Coop, Ben, Sharp_Shooter, Ninjin, Aegis, BlAcK_PlAgUe22, MoonDogg, More to Come