HOT WEB LINKS Site for Beyond Vegetarianism, an absolutely essential stop for those of you harmed by vegan, fruitarian, raw food, or vegetarian diets.
Address for the American Naturopathic Medical Association, the USA's largest and oldest naturopathic organization. Membership is open to ALL health professionals who embrace holistic healing, not just naturopaths. The ANMA actively fights to preserve freedom of practice for true naturopaths, while upholding high certification standards for professional members. Address for the Coalition for Natural Health (CNH), a large natural health organization that works in the political arena to keep public access to natural health legal. Membership is strongly encouraged. Web site for the Weston A. Price Foundation. Dr. Price's groundbreaking research of native diets is presented here, as well as information on Biodynamic farming. There are several excellent articles on native diets and whole foods available for downloading. Membership in the Foundation gets you a year's subscription to its Journal. Soy is NOT good for you! This provocative website tells you why. The Reappraising AIDS website. If you think that HIV causes AIDS, you should find this site, and the papers on it, intellectually challenging. Link to the beautiful Australian holistic health magazine WellBeing. The amazing benefits of coconut oil. Dr. Uffe Ravnskov's site detailing why cholesterol and saturated fat do NOT cause heart disease. Copious references. Dr. Mary Enig's Trans Fat Info Web. All the dirty info on trans-fats and how bad they are for you. The site is updated frequently so be sure to check back periodically. Site on the benefits of raw milk and the dangers of pasteurization. Web site for Dr. Ralph Moss, alternative cancer researcher. This site is a good clearing house for info on alternative cancer treatments.  Chet Day's informative site on nutrition. Lots of timely articles to peruse.  Pet Holistic & Nutrition Info  Foundation for Advancement in Cancer Treatment is an an excellent resource for information on alternative and conventional cancer therapies.  Spiritual Response Therapy - "Free Your Soul to Free Your Mind"   The website for Dr. Roberto Giraldo, MD, which offers alternative views on health in both English and Spanish.  Alternative Cancer Treatment Information  Plenty of tips and articles for beating irritable bowel syndrome Ending poverty and hunger

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