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DevEdge International


Recognizing the need to offer its information in languages other than English, Netscape DevEdge currently offers its content in 3 additional languages -- Brazilian Portuguese, French and Japanese.

The best way to access DevEdge information in these additional languages is to begin at the home page for each language. The DevEdge International links are in the box at right.

Each language home page offers links to DevEdge documents in translation and also documents in non-DevEdge sites in the target language. These informational links are selected to match country-specific interests and needs. Therefore, the contents for each language page are independent of others.

Navigating DevEdge in Different Languages

At DevEdge we experiment with various ways to serve international user's needs. In the past we implemented language negotiation based on the access client's language preferences. The Netscape DevEdge server determined which language page to deliver automatically based on your browser's setting for the language preference(s), or "Accept-Language" as it is called in the HTTP protocol standard.

We have concluded this experiment and at present there is no language negotiation in force. If you find yourself in an English page, you can use the menu on the left column of the page or the International menu at the top Navigation Bar to get to your default language page.

If you want to learn more about this Language Negotiation experiment on DevEdge, you can read an article titled "Displaying DevEdge Pages in Your Favorite Language".

Seeking Volunteers for Translating DevEdge Documents

Netscape DevEdge documents can be translated by volunteers. If you would like to translate Netscape DevEdge documents into any of the 3 languages we host at DevEdge International, just contact the owner of each DevEdge International Home Page via the Feedback page.