Can patents be beneficial for society?

Generally you would say that a patent do not really have any good effects on the society. Patents are artifical monopolies which you can achieve on inventionsgne. The benefits usually are for the patent holder only even though it is claimed that patents should be an incentive for innovations. My belief is that needs makes us innovate, not the potential for patenting. For certain types of patents, like software patents they even have the opposite effect, to hold innovation back. One of the motivations for patents have been that they protect your investments, which may be true for technological patents but of course not for software, which hardly need any investments.

However, despite what I said above, I still have the opinion that certain patents can have a good effect on the society and I also claim that an invention I have made, and applied for a patent on, will have good effects on the society, if properly used of course. The simple idea behind this invention is that the customer should get what the customer want, which may not sound completely new and unique. However, the implementation of this idea uses advanced data mining techniques in a way which is completely new.

Has it ever happened to you that you want to buy something not being manufactured yet?

This has happened to me many times. I know what I want but I can not find it, because it is not manufactured or invented yet. My recent invention makes this possible. If you can specify what you want, you may soon be able to buy it if there are enough people, to cover the costs, wanting the same thing as you.


A few months ago I realized how to implement my old dream invention (I actually started thinking about it in 1987) due to the work I have done during and after my PhD studies (finished Sept 2003, data mining and unsupervised pattern recognition), link (pdf) to my thesis (only the summary) "On Data Mining and Classification Using a Bayesian Confidence Propagation Neural Network" (and its frontpage) for interrested. This invention will allow anyone to get what they want, as long as they know what they want so they are able to specify it.

When I found out how to implement this invention I filed a patent application. Even though I'm against patents on software and business methods I also realized that this patent will be beneficial for us all. The intention is to stimulate collaborative innovation and shape standards for searchable knowledge and generic design representation

The patent application is still a temporary one, which have costed me 3600 USD so far. To finalize this patent in US I need about 20000 USD more, according to the patent engineer who assisted me. To finalize the world patent I will need around 200,000 USD but I may not need the world patent. When this method has started working in US, which is a great market to start with, the pure size of the data base will be an incentive for the rest of the world to continue build upon the same data base. The method works better, the bigger the data base.

This patented method will, when properly used

How you can help

I have discussed this invention with a few venture capitalists but I'm not pleased with their offers. They want specific control over the patent and this would limit its use. Any specific manufacturer having control over this patent would make it too narrow and therefore not fulfil its real purpose. What I will do instead is to keep control over the patent and offer the interface to one or some of the big search engines. They will benefit from it and you will benefit from it.

To be able to keep control over the patent I need your help, because I can not afford to pay the rest of the patent cost myself, I used my last savings on the temporary application. I now put almost all I've left, 1000 USD, as the initial funding, and hope you can help me so I can finalize the application in US, which needs around 20000 USD.

What you get

A free world, where GPL is applied also to general design, innovation, research and knowledge. If you are not pleased only with this promise, mail me and we can discuss our conditions about collaboration before you pay anything.

How to pay

Unfortunately, as there are no good systems for micro payments implemented yet, all I can offer for now is paypal, use the mail address

Account status, reverse date order (in USD), goal around 20000 USD, to finalize patent.

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