The Andromeda Backstory

The Glorious Commonwealth

More than 3000 years ago, aliens from a planet called Tarn Vedra in the Andromeda galaxy invented a way to travel across the stars almost instantaneously. They called it Slipstream, and they used it to build a vast commonwealth of planets across six galaxies. When Earth was ready, we were welcomed into it.

It was a vast, diverse group of cultures working together in peace, striving to spread civilization across the Universe. Unfortunately, some factions came to disagree with the the Systems Commonwealth.

Commonwealth Timeline

The Fall

The Nietzscheans — a group of genetically engineered humans who follow a strict interpretation of Nietzsche — felt that the Commonwealth was weak because it made treaties with its greatest enemies, the Magog. So they formed a rebellion and attacked the Commonwealth of which they were a part. The result was a civil war that plunged the Universe into a new Dark Age.

One of the first casualties of that war was a Glorious Heritage Class starship called the Andromeda Ascendant. Most of her crew abandoned ship, but her commander — High Guard Captain Dylan Hunt — remained aboard as the ship fell dangerously close to a black hole.

The Long Night

Three hundred years of darkness passed. The Commonwealth was gone. Interstellar communication became undependable. Slipstream routes fell into disuse. Some still traveled the stars, but the journey was full of piracy, unmarked dangers and people fighting for their lives. Technology stopped developing and even reverted in some ways. A few local governments held together, but most of them were brutal and fascist. The remnants of the old Commonwealth decayed.

Andromeda Rescued

A salvage vessel called the Eureka Maru then found the Andromeda Ascendant and pulled her free. When they boarded the High Guard relic, they found that Dylan Hunt had survived — the whole ship had been caught in severe time dilation. From Dylan's perspective, only a few moments had passed since his crew had escaped. But outside the black hole, darkness had fallen across his beloved Commonwealth.

Time to Rebuild

Dylan had once protected civilization, and now felt an obligation to rebuild what had been lost. As someone who knew what it was like to live in a Universe that was for the most part safe and at peace, he felt he and his ship could bring back the Commonwealth. He recruited the crew of the Eureka Maru, and ever since they have been searching the galaxies for worlds willing to join the New Commonwealth.

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