Update by Sheldan Nidle for the Spiritual Hierarchy and the Galactic Federation

       5 Oc, 8 Ceh, 11 Ik        

Greetings! We arrive again, dear Ones! Out of view of the supposedly ''normal'' world, much continues to happen. In truth, a new realm is being forged. Unfortunate delays, necessitated first by paperwork and then by the need to select a definitive date for the coming announcements, have resulted in a change in the schedule chosen by our earthly allies. In any case, be aware that these events are quite close to unfolding. We are firmly committed to the process that will allow these events to manifest soon. Our forces are in full control of many potentially weighty situations in the Middle East, Africa, Asia, Europe, the Americas and even Oceania. Our defense forces are secretly deployed at these points and will not show themselves unless so ordered. We have also intently monitored the movement of our earthly allies' forces and are in position to aid them whenever necessary. To sum up, we support both the much-anticipated, sudden outbreak of peace and the certain declarations of our existence. We fully encourage our earthly allies' plans to create a new and abundant world for all of Mother Earth's citizens.

      These plans include formal recognition of the cetacean nation, as well as the complete reorganization of the UN and formation of a new international banking system. This scheme will spread abundance to all nations of Mother Earth. It will end an oppressive system of international debt that has sustained a burgeoning intergenerational chain of poverty, ignorance and division among you. This old method will be instantly transformed into a new one that will encourage complete abundance, education and global cooperation. Within this system, the cetaceans and the shamans of your world will have much to impart. Heed them, and add their wisdom to your own. Together, you will complete what remains of a swift journey to your ultimate destination - full consciousness. Together with Heaven, we will serve as your guides along the way. The Ascended Masters will manifest and assist you in reuniting with your brethren in Inner Earth. This rebirthing process will recreate the ancient realm of Lemuria and will enable you, in every respect, to rejoin the Galactic Federation of Light.

      As a full-fledged member star-nation, you will expect to be visited by Beings from every corner of this galaxy. Now, however, the world as you know it is 'blessed' with the constant threat of a fiery cataclysm that, ultimately, could spell a near end to your existing global society. Realizing the potential for catastrophe, we have closely watched this situation and, with the help of our earthly allies, have prevented this calamity from occurring. We are anxious for you to understand that your efforts to maintain peace will not be in vain. The mad cabal that hungers so heedlessly to undertake this dark project will be swiftly disposed of, after which a fair system of justice will punish them, wisely and thoughtfully, for their various "high crimes and misdemeanors". The tentacles of this cabal encompass many nations and include members on every continent of your world! Because this cabal is so deeply entrenched in your planet's power structure, the removal procedures that we collectively require have taken a long time to 'jell' to produce a necessary, two-pronged attack. It will alter your reality and, simultaneously, remove these villains from power.

     The process involves the vast upward shift of your consciousness. As your global consciousness field expands, it becomes more difficult for the dark to control you. Furthermore, the rise of an electronic information system greatly accelerates this process. Your ultimate great challenge was to create a global consciousness field that could defy them. You have done so, even as you held back the war lurking within the nuclear genie. Now, together, we can complete this great shift in consciousness. Our official announcement will end your prolonged quarantine. It will enable you to rejoin our galaxy and to contribute wonderfully to our endeavors. Realize that you must persevere in your efforts for peace. We will work to ensure that the elements essential to these procedures continue to be provided. The announcements are merely the beginning of this multi-layered process. In the weeks and months that follow these events, much will be required of you. Abundant funds will be made available to you.

      Moreover, the international community will solemnly announce and provide funding to the beleaguered nations of this world. These resources will end poverty and force a movement away from the corruption and malfeasance that have characterized so much of your world's governance. Many regimes will be deposed, or be forced to change their ways. To assist you, the Ascended Masters will encourage governance that represents the true desires of its citizens, rather than the needs of a powerful or wealthy few. Here, the most crucial factors are personal sovereignty and its companion, freedom! Humanity will be educated concerning these vital concepts by the Ascended Masters, who will impart necessary truths for this Age in an honest and open manner. The many divisions that have separated you for so long must be swiftly dissolved. To that end, our first mission, supported by the memoirs of the Anunnaki, will be to educate you regarding your true history.

      The former overlords of this world will have a great deal to tell you. They will teach you about how and why they ruled you, as well as how they gathered together their motley crew of earthly minions. Their story deals with greed, power and the use of the dark's ability - its magic - to twist all Beings who lacked the strength or wisdom to resist its iniquitous ways. This story contains many parables that the Ascended Masters are eager to pass on to you. It will provide exemplary training in the ways of the dark and teach you how to turn it back toward the Light. Its insights will teach you many lessons that will help you to understand your present and/or past lives on this world. We anticipate that wisdom will flow in torrents across this globe. Through it, you will come to know yourselves better and realize how and why this heavenly drama was produced.

      The period of transition from your present reality to that which is your destiny will be unique. It will mark the return of Heaven to your world and see the reunion of Lemuria and reconciliation with your space kin. It will change your core perceptions and end any lingering doubts that you may possess. However, it will also be a time when all that is most contemptible in your recent history will be completely revealed. We ask you to regard this in a forgiving light. Always be gracious. We mention this only as a reminder of what we have told you many times before. The purpose of physicality is to encounter the dark so that you may learn how their ways can be transfigured. Your transformation is extremely important to Heaven. For its sake, you have come from Heaven and volunteered to experience lifetimes in this perplexing morass. Regardless of your experiences, each one of them was an integral part of this most complex, earthly process.

      In times of transition, you begin to understand the dark realm's true complexity. You observe what you and your ancestors have endured. You analyze its workings and why the Creator used it to produce physicality. Then, as co-creators, you transform these realms and make them worthy of rejoining Heaven. As such, you will complete this aspect of Creation and make possible the birthing of the next. In each Creation, you will learn volumes. Heaven uses this data to understand physicality and to organize the required wisdom that will guide it toward its destiny. Thus, realize that your present task is to transmit messages for, and experience, physicality. This mission has bestowed upon you many lifetimes, each with a definite purpose, along with an entire host of Beings to help you experience what you need. Enjoy, and know that much more is yet to be realized!

      Today, we have reviewed, ever so briefly, some of the events that are part of this ever-changing reality. We ask you simply to focus fully and commit wholeheartedly to your transformation and your inevitable victory! We now take our leave. Blessings, dear Hearts! We leave you in full knowledge that the never-ending Blessings of Heaven are truly yours! Selamat Gajun! Selamat Gajaram! (Sirian for Be One! Be Blessed in Joy!)

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