Update by Sheldan Nidle for the Spiritual Hierarchy and the Galactic Federation

       12 Oc, 15 Ceh, 11 Iks        

Selamat Jarin! We come again, dear Hearts. Many things are occurring upon your world. Events are unfolding that will assure ultimate victory for our earthly allies and lessen the potential for a cataclysmic war on your world. It means, also, that a lengthy series of yearned-for announcements are soon and finally to be made. These broadcasts will proclaim your irrevocable victory over the last stubborn cabal and its global adherents. This widely varied group, in striving to defy the Light, yielded the dark a final glimmer of hope. That hope has been dashed by a motley coalition that is dedicated to implementing the wishes of St Germain and the entire assemblage of your Ascended Masters. Their decisions will soon lead to great abundance on your world, and to a glorious new era of global governance. Thus will initiate the long-awaited, last stages of your current transitional period. We welcome this juncture and earnestly convey our thanks, both to Heaven and to her great supporters who dwell on your world. Soon, our earthly allies will be able to leave their previous, necessarily-obscure spheres of power and identify themselves to you.

      In your new realm, governance will properly become rule 'for and by the peoples' of this globe. Again, we ask you to remain in a true state of grace concerning those who have secretly ruled you. You will discover their many sinister deeds and extreme avarice. You will learn the true story of how vain and powerful people secretly manipulated your world. Those individuals, who, by heredity or accumulation of wealth, assumed positions of power, were further corrupted by their off-world overlords. In our last message, the Anunnaki described their wish to reveal this sorry mess to you. Heed their words and consider them as simply part of a vastly complicated, cosmic drama. This prolonged dash into darkness has made you infinitely more aware of how a Being in limited consciousness can be coerced to do the bidding of others. Through these insights, you will develop a better understanding of the workings of the untold thousands of worlds that once formed the dark empire of Anchara. They covet your careful guidance, and will look upon your final victory as an omen of their future success in creating their own galactic societies.

      For you, the 'larger considerations' include this galaxy and, indeed, the whole of physical Creation. We cannot overemphasize the importance of what you are doing. Now, in the final legs of your journey, learn to step away from your personal emotions and become the greater Beings that you really are. These Beings are not swayed by the judgments that currently swirl around you. These Beings realize that there is a greater purpose behind all that has occurred and is occurring. For the most part, countless monstrous crimes have been committed to allow this last cabal to maintain their desperate hold on power. They will confess their 'high crimes and misdemeanors' and be punished. It is necessary, however, for you to consider these individuals in the greater Light that is truly you. Forgive them, and understand that we all have played a role in this cosmic drama. Now, the time has come for you to bring to a close the process that will transform your reality. Soon, you will begin that new reality by establishing transitional regimes in the many nations that comprise your world. These regimes will come together to produce a level of cooperation now uncommon in your world.

     Of course, we and Heaven are part of this mix. Our purpose is to be more than guides, to be your purposely and visibly involved teachers. We relish this part of first contact. It allows us to appear openly among you and watch you fuse the many separate parts that make up the foundation for your new reality. Our many counselors and liaisons have been well-trained and can easily accomplish this mission. By studying each culture of your planet in detail, we have been able to develop a number of instructional programs that we will share with you. Our rationale is to allow you to set forth freely and to explain, only when asked, how best to continue your journey. Nonetheless, you must act on your own initiative. The extent of your progress will be shown by the degree to which you choose to move in certain directions. Then, and only then, will we advise you. This is the method given us by Heaven. Bear in mind that ultimately, you are responsible for your own progress.

      Among the major points that you will need to address are the inequality of your global societies, eradication of poverty, ending of malnutrition and the re-chartering of corporations. Finally, you must attend to worldwide pollution, the introduction of many innovative, new technologies and your relationship with both the 'cetacean nation' and the Inner Earth realm of Agartha. Within these issues lies the nature of your religious and philosophical beliefs. Your Ascended Masters will address them in detail, using parables and inspired, helpful sermons. Look upon all of this as a lofty experiment. Heaven, now, is moving you back into full consciousness. You are being groomed to resume your role as physical Angels. This process is truly exciting to Heaven, and has been a major subject of consideration among the heavenly Administrations that guide this galaxy. Hence, the countless Orders and Councils within Heaven have joyously watched and infinitely blessed your progress.

      As you arrive at an understanding of these many things, we will always be available to help you. We have mentioned that Heaven is carefully and critically examining your global society. The timetable that you receive will be closely determined by your initial decision. Thus, we earnestly recommend that you focus on the matters that we have outlined, ever so briefly, in this message. Use your new abundance, when acquired, to purchase a few expensive, high-quality items. Use most of it, however, for compassionate projects that share this wealth with everyone and encourage ventures that can make a difference. As ever, the joining together of individuals for a common good is one of the most powerful instruments on your world. Also encourage universal disclosure of the stockpile of long-hidden information and technologies. Such an announcement will immeasurably assist and reinforce our own efforts.

      This process will truly challenge you and teach you the rest of what you need to know about the transformation of a limited consciousness society. It will also help you to understand how such a world operates, and how easily such a society can be altered for the good. In this, your Ascended Masters wish to lavish upon you the wisdom you will require to succeed. Consequently, it is important for you to take responsibility for your actions and to see that you possess the tools for success. This, dear Ones, is truly the most important lesson you will have to learn. Never become so overwhelmed or shocked by events that you are unable to confidently move ahead. View everything as a gift from Heaven that will allow you to excel. Heart-logic will tell you that, as a group, you have always been blessed with the talent to succeed, and with the guides to lead you toward that success.

      We in Heaven and the Galactic Federation of Light salute you. Much has occurred, contributing to unwanted delays and excessive frustration. Still, you have persevered and have even actively helped to make possible the eventual return of global peace to your world. We commend your diligence. You have confronted the horrors of those who enslaved your world and provided the mass awareness that those in power need to champion your cause. This has immensely transformed your world and led to the formation of a new one. That new world is just beginning to emerge. The next steps you take will require your continued commitment, as well as a high level of positive, responsible action. You must join these activities in numbers never seen before in recorded history. Contemplate this, and perceive your true power!

      Today, we have reviewed a few of the events that are about to manifest on your world. We ask you simply to remain patient, committed and focused firmly upon your success. Forces are at work that will enable you to bask in the energy of this success. As ever, remain in grace. Free yourselves from emotions that might exact revenge and infer judgment, based only upon hatreds and not upon your inner truths. We now take our leave. Blessings, dear Ones! Know that the endless Supply and Abundance of Heaven is truly yours! So Be It! Selamat Gajun! Selamat Gajaram! (Sirian for Be One! Be Blessed in Joy!)

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