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about International Policy Network

International Policy Network (IPN) is a charity based in the UK, and a non-profit (501c3) organization in the US. It is a non-governmental, educational organization.

IPN's mission is to "share ideas that free people". We believe that people around the world would be better off if they were governed not by overbearing autocrats or unaccountable bureaucrats, but by the institutions of the free society - property rights, the rule of law, free markets and free speech. Where regulations are necessary, we believe they should be based on sound science and good economics.

To achieve this mission, IPN is focused on broadening public understanding of specific policy issues, including:

  • Sustainable Development & the Environment
  • Health
  • Free Trade and Globalisation
  • Technology
  • Economics

IPN works with a network of individuals and organizations around the world who share these beliefs by

  • Sponsoring and coordinating publications and events
  • Facilitating participating in other organisations' events
  • Coordinating attendance at international meetings
  • Promoting greater media awareness of our partners' activities
  • Building capacity in new and growing organizations

IPN relies on charitable donations from private individuals and entities to carry out our activities. If you are interested in contributing to International Policy Network, please visit our "contribute" page.

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Linda Whetstone (Chairman)
Robert Boyd
John Blundell
Bridgett Wagner
Lawrence Reed


Julian Morris, Director
Nicole Gray Conchar, Director of Development/Fundraising
Margalit Edelman, Director,
IPN Media
Kendra Okonski, Sustainable Development Project Director
Stephanie Drnasin, Coordinator
Damian Nixon, Assistant,
IPN Media
Lorraine Mooney, Health Project Coordinator