National Institute for Discovery Science

Mission Statement

The National Institute for Discovery Science (NIDS) is a privately funded, private sector research organization focusing on empirical and hypothesis-based scientific exploration of aerial phenomena that expand conventional knowledge. NIDS is particularly interested in phenomena that appear to be under intelligent guidance and in the possible habitation of space by intelligent life. The NIDS mission is threefold:

  • to be the leading international organization in the rigorous scientific investigation of sightings and other events and evidence related to intelligently controlled aerial phenomena unexplained by conventional theories and experimental data, emphasizing field research;

  • to determine the constraints, limitations, opportunities and engineering challenges of space travel and habitation by intelligent life, both human and extraterrestrial; and

  • to provide accurate and reliable information on unexplained aerial phenomena and space travel.

NIDS employs scientific and forensics methods while maintaining the highest ethical and quality standards. A Science Advisory Board comprised of internationally recognized experts in aeronautics, biology, biochemistry, engineering, forensics, mathematics, medicine, physics, statistics, and psychology assists our staff. Dissemination of our research and other findings occurs through publication in scientific journals, written materials, the NIDS web site, and other appropriate media. NIDS engages in collaborative relationships with individuals and organizations, nationally and internationally, that research the same subjects.