National Institute for Discovery Science

Best UFO Cases: Europe




by Illobrand von Ludwiger
with forwards by John Schuessler, Bruce Maccabee & Richard Haines
A NIDS Publication
ISBN 0-9666077-0-8

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Forwards by John Schuessler, Bruce Maccabee and Richard Haines
About The Author

1. Early Reports About Unusual Phenomena Over Europe
   1.1. Historical Cases From France, Germany And England (16th To 18th Centuries)
   1.2. Foo Fighters and Miracle Weapons
   1.3. Ghost Rockets Over Europe
   1.4. Some of the Most Impressive UFO Cases from European Countries

2. Different Shapes of UFO’s Seen Over Germany
   2.1. Disk-Shaped Object With Dome on Top Over Messel Near Frankfurt
   2.2. Egg-Shaped Object Over the Hochries Mountain Near the City of Rosenheim
   2.3. Cigar-Shaped Objects Over Jemgum
   2.4. Star-Shaped Objects Over the City of Ingolstadt
   2.5. The Plauen Case

3. Triangular Objects Over Europe

4. The Appearance of Objects With a Complex Structure at Different Locations

5. Early Encounters With Landed UFO’s and their Occupants in Germany
   5.1. Occupants Seen Making No Contact
   5.2. The Langenargen/Lake Constance Case
      5.2.1. Shining Objects over Lake Constance
      5.2.2. The Objects Over the Waldeck Café
      5.2.3 Strange Beings Appear Suddenly
      5.2.4. Further Witnesses
      5.2.5. After-Effects
      5.2.6. Physical Investigations
      5.2.7. Psychological Investigations
      5.2.8. Regressive Hypnosis Sessions
      5.2.9. Evaluation of the Same Case by a Psychiatrist
      5.2.10. A Man-in Black Appears

6. UFO Left Metallic Piece in Sweden
    6.1. The Find at the Landing Site
    6.2. The Metal Object
    6.3. Wear Marks of the Edges

7. Photographic Evidence
    7.1. "Greifswald Lights"
    7.2. The Six Photos of a UFO taken by Guiseppe Lucifora
    7.3. The Famous Nagora Photos

8. Traces of Unidentified Flying Objects on Military Radar Devices over Central Europe
    8.1. The Present Treatment of Unidentifiable Objects by Air Defense Systems
    8.2. Failures in the Analysis of Radar Images
    8.3. The Synthetic Display of Air Traffic Control in the Central European Airspace
    8.4. Characteristics of Unidentifiable Radar Traces
    8.5. Chaotic Flight Paths
    8.6. Flight Traces Which Show Intelligent Behavior
    8.7. Chief of Military Radar Surveillance Observed Triangular Object

9. Developments and Use of Highly Sensitive Magnetic Field Detectors

10. Physical Interactions Of UFO’s On Their Surroundings
    10.1. Data Catalogues and Statistical Analyses
    10.2. Two Electromagnetic Interferences With The Same Car, In Denmark
    10.3. Physical Effects After A UFO Landing In Trans-En-Provence, France

11. Hypotheses About The Origin Of UFO’s
    11.1. General Remarks
    11.2. The Extraterrestrial Hypothesis
    11.3. Psychological and Paranormal Theories
    11.4. Psychic Projection
    11.5. The Tectonic Strain Theory (TST)
    11.6. The Earth Light Hypothesis
    11.7. Parallel Universes
    11.8. The Interdimensional Theory
    11.9. The Projector Theory
    11.10. Time Travel

Appendix A. Reliability Index According to Olsen
Appendix B. Goals and Activities of MUFON-CES

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