WILSON And Allied Families of N. E. Missouri

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WILSON and Allied Families of N. E. Missouri

$500 Reward Offered

No less than three generations have tried to learn the fate of Oscar Fitzalan Dunreath WILSON who was born sometime in the 1830's in Kentucky. The last record of his existence was the 1850 census record for Clark County, Missouri. I am offering a $500 reward for proof of his fate. At left are Rev. Oscar F. D. Wilson and his wife, Mary F. Wells. The Rev. Wilson was the son of the senior O. F. D. Wilson. More >>

Regarding Genealogical Research

I have been a serious genealogist since 1996. Early in my research I was delighted to find two messages submitted to Missouri mail lists that described, better than I ever could, just why we do it! The second letter was about the lessons of the search.

All information on this web site is the result of my own research with the assistance of interested parties who are closely related to these same family lines. That is to say ... none of the information has been copied from the files of other genealogists. I have details and sources available for every person mentioned on this web site. I am happy to share this information with anyone researching these same families.

In 2003 I began to notice what I call data collectors posing as genealogists on the Internet. These data collectors take gedcom files from other researchers and merge them into their own databases. They surely have no idea if the gedcom files have been properly researched. That is hardly the point. Apparently the point is trying to have the largest gedcom file on the Internet. Ancestry.com has offered a forum to these data collectors that gives them the ability to copy and paste gedcom files to their heart's content. I have seen files containing more than 250,000 people. My own research has been merged into more than one such file. I hope this isn't a continuing trend. If there is an error in my research, I have to contact the owner of the data collection to make sure the error is corrected in that file also. It is unlikely that the person who copied the information will be seeking updates. To that end I have started leaving important details out of the files presented on this web site. No longer given are: marriage information, death place, burial location or cemetery. This information is available to any serious genealogist who asks about it. No such information will be shared with anyone who may be a data collector. Please visit a web page that far better describes genealogy fraud.

2002 Visit to Missouri
In September of 2002 we went to Missouri. The weather was great considering the time of year. We located many family graves and came home with 600 photographs. Due to time constraints, we could not locate all family graves and a return visit is being planned.
Visit to El Dorado, Stanislaus and San Joaquin Counties
in California
In January of 2004 I had the opportunity to visit several cemeteries in California. The weather was great and much was learned! A few errors in the COMBS lines were corrected and new information was discovered.
James Wilson Grave Located
After nearly a year of searching for James’ burial location, in a telephone conversation with Fry Funeral Home on October 31, 2003, I learned that James is buried in an unmarked grave in the same plot as his second wife, Elizabeth. Clyde Johnson, employee of the City of Bowie, told me that in the early days of Bowie, there wasn't much record keeping. The cemetery had no record of James being buried there. Fortunately James’ microfilmed death certificate named the cemetery and the local funeral home still had a record stating that James was buried in the ‘Wood plot.’ Wood was Elizabeth’s maiden name.
Upcoming Book
In 2003 I began the long process of writing a book on the life and descendants of Rev. O.F.D. Wilson. Copies will be free to proven descendants. If you have photos, family group sheets or documents that you would like to see included in the WILSON book, please contact me. All contributors will be acknowledged. The book will include information on all families allied with the WILSON family of NE Missouri. (See the Wilson Lines in the menu.)
Under Construction
Please pardon my dust. This site is under reconstruction! Information that has been available here in the past is temporarily missing.
Melinda M. Leckey Grave Located
Kansas City, Kansas - The obituary for Melinda proves her grave to be located in a cemetery that had no record of her burial.

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