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Isn't the Jesus story just a retelling or 'copycat' of earlier godmen stories?
No.  The first time I heard this theory, I was in a chat room and a person came in listing comparisons between Jesus and Horus (such as that Horus was also born of a virgin, had 12 disciples, resurrected someone named El-Azarus, was crucified and resurrected, etc.).  Wanting to see if this was true, I hit a few websites about Egyptian mythology so I could read the Horus story for myself.  None of them gave any such details, and even said things which clearly contradicted this person's claims.  I also went to my local library, and even a bookstore, looking at books on Egyptian mythology, and found nothing in the way of comparisons to Jesus.  I then went to as many websites as I could find where similar lists were given, and asked the people running the websites to back up their claims.  I heard back from only two of them, one of whom agreed that the list was probably bogus and agreed to take it down.  The other was Acharya S, the author of "The Christ Conspiracy: The Greatest Story Ever Sold" who claimed the list was valid, but couldn't name one unbiased source to back it up (to see the content of our discussion, click here).  I then found a couple of Christian sites that had already discussed the supposed 'comparisons' between Jesus and Horus, as well as His supposed comparisons to other ancient godmen.  Their work was quite thorough, and what I'm posting on my site here is simply a summary of their work, plus my own research into these (and other) godmen stories.  Their lists can be seen at Tektonics: Confronting The Copycat Thesis and Christian-Thinktank.com: Jesus A Copycat?.

Of course, as you'll see on my pages, there are a few (very few) valid similarities.  So what does this mean?  Honestly, not much.

Look at this list of comparisons between Abraham Lincoln and John F. Kennedy:

1.  Both Lincoln and Kennedy were elected to Congress in '46 (1846 in Lincoln's case, 1946 in Kennedy's).  Both became President in '60.
2.  Both had lazy eye muscles which would cause one eye to wander.
3.  Both had been skippers on boats (Lincoln on the Mississippi river boat 'Talisman' and Kennedy on the PT-109)
4.  Both were the second sons in their families.  Each lost a sister to death before becoming President.  Both married 24-year-old brunettes who had been previously engaged to other men, and who spoke French fluently.
5.  Both had a child die while living in the White House.
6.  Both were related to U.S. Senators, U.S. Attorney Generals who graduated from Harvard, and ambassadors to the Court of St. James.
7.   Both were acquaintances of a man named Adlai E. Stevenson who ran for either Vice-President or President, a doctor named Charles Taft and a man named William Graham.
8.  Both were advised not to go to the place where they died.
9.  Both Lincoln's theater box and Kennedy's car were altered for their benefit (Lincoln's theater box had a partition removed to accomodate his party, Kennedy's car had a raised rear seat)
10.  Both were slain on a Friday before a major Holiday (Lincoln on the Friday before Easter, Kennedy on the Friday before Thanksgiving).  Both were shot while sitting next to their wives and in the presence of another couple.  Of the other couple, the man was also wounded by the assassin, but neither wife was wounded.
11.  Both were shot from behind and in the head.  Both of their wives cradled their husband's heads after they were shot.
12.  John Wilkes Booth shot Lincoln from inside a theater, and fled to a warehouse.  Lee Harvey Oswald shot Kennedy from inside a warehouse and fled to a theater.
13.  Lincoln was shot while inside the Ford theater, in box 7.  Kennedy was shot while inside a Ford automobile, in car 7 in the motorcade.
14.  Both were pronounced dead in places with the initials P.H. (Lincoln in the Peterson House, and Kennedy in Parkland Hospital)
15.  Both of their assassins escaped, and were killed before going to trial.
16.  Both of their assassins were privates in the military.  Each was detained after the shooting by a policeman named Baker.  Both were eventually killed by a Colt revolver.

17.  Both Lincoln and Kennedy were succeeded by southern ex-senators named Johnson who were born in '08.  Both Johnsons were in their mid-fifties when they took the office and both suffered from urethral stones (the only presidents to have them).  Both Johnsons could have run for re-election in '68, but chose not to.

By the logic of the critics, this list is absolute, undeniable proof that John F. Kennedy is a fictional character based on Abraham Lincoln.  Of course, I haven't verified all of the items on this list, so it's possible that some are untrue.  But by the logic of the critics, that doesn't matter.  A list with untrue items will do just fine, right?  The reason that this list really doesn't mean much is that we're looking ONLY at what they have in common. For each thing they do have in common, there are dozens of differences between them.  It's the same with Jesus and the earlier deities. There are a few similarities in some cases (though not nearly as many as the critics would have you believe), but the differences far outweight them.  If you're open-minded, I challenge you to read any or all of the four New Testament gospels and then read the mythology of the other deities for yourself (there are many books and websites available).

So why are people who are so skeptical of the claims made by Christianity so gullable as to believe these supposed comparisons with pre-Christian religious figures without asking for evidence?  There's a definite lack of critical thinking on their part when it comes to these lists.  There are many who seem to want to believe that Christianity is a copycat religion and thus accept any evidence that they feel backs up their beliefs whether that evidence is truthful or not.  Being a relatively recent convert to Christianity myself, I am fully aware that not all non-Christians are as deceitful as those who create and spread these bogus lists.  Many non-Christians are honest and ethical people, and give valid arguments.  The few who spread obvious lies in pathetic attempts to keep people from Jesus give the rest of them a bad name.

Here are the individual pages of mine with the truth about the comparisons between Jesus and the other religious figures.  If anyone feels that I have erred, please E-mail me to inform me of what my error is.  Anyone who wants to argue in favor of the Jesus story borrowing from the earlier godmen stories, all I ask is that you back your information up with unbiased evidence, such as websites giving the godmen stories or the names of unbiased books where I can see the information for myself.  If I'm wrong about anything, I will gladly fix my error (I've already fixed a few). Just E-mail me at David@KingDavid8.com and I will post whatever evidence you want to offer.

By the way, I recently had a discussion with a reader over the argument that the early church fathers acknowledged similarities with pre-Christian religious figures and wrote it off as being "diabolical mimicry".  To see our discussion, go to Letters: Diabolical Mimicry.

Jesus vs. Adad (aka Hadad) - Sumerian
Jesus vs. Adonis - Greek
Jesus vs. Aesculapius - Greek, Roman
Jesus vs. Apollo - Greek
Jesus vs. Apollonius - Greek
Jesus vs. Artemes - Greek
Jesus vs. Attis (aka Atys) - Asian, Greek
Jesus vs. Baal - Semetic, Syrian, Persian
Jesus vs. Bacab - Mayan
Jesus vs. Balder - Norse
Jesus vs. Bali - Indian
Jesus vs. Beddru (aka Beddin) - Japanese
Jesus vs. Bel Merodach (aka Marduk) - Mesopotamian
Jesus vs. Bremrillah (aka Bremrillahm) - Druid
Jesus vs. Buddha - Indian
Jesus vs. Cadmus - Greek
Jesus vs. Caesar - Roman
Jesus vs. Chu Chulainn (aka Cuchulain) - Irish
Jesus vs. Crite - Chaldean
Jesus vs. Dahzdbog - Russian
Jesus vs. Deva Tat - Siamese **UPDATED**
Jesus vs. Dionysus (aka Bacchus) - Greek, Roman
Jesus vs. Elvis - American (humor)
Jesus vs. Fohi (aka Fu-Xi, Fu-Hsi) - Chinese
Jesus vs. Frey (aka Freyr, Fricco) - Norse
Jesus vs. Gentaut - Mexican
Jesus vs. Hercules (aka Alcides, Heracles) - Greek, Roman
Jesus vs. Hermes - Egyptian
Jesus vs. Hesus - Celtic
Jesus vs. Hil and Feta - Mandaite
Jesus vs. Holy One of Xaca - Chinese, Indian
Jesus vs. Horus - Egyptian
Jesus vs. Hyacinthus - Greek
Jesus vs. Iasion - Greek
Jesus vs. Ieo - Chinese
Jesus vs. Indra - Indian, Tibetian
Jesus vs. Ischy - Asian
Jesus vs. Ixion - Greek
Jesus vs. Jao - Nepalese
Jesus vs. Jupiter (aka Jove) - Rome
Jesus vs. Krishna - Indian *recently updated due to feedback*
Jesus vs. Lao-Kiun - Chinese
Jesus vs. Marsyas - Greek
Jesus vs. Maximus Christos - Israelite
Jesus vs. Melkarth - Greek
Jesus vs. Mikado - Japanese
Jesus vs. Mithra - Persian, Roman
Jesus vs. Mohamud - Islamic
Jesus vs. Odin (aka Wodan) - Norse
Jesus vs. Osiris - Egyptian
Jesus vs. Perseus - Greek
Jesus vs. Prometheus - Greek
Jesus vs. Quetzalcoatl - Aztec
Jesus vs. Quirinus - Roman
Jesus vs. Sakia - Indian
Jesus vs. Salivahana - Indian
Jesus vs. Samheim (aka Samhain) - Druid
Jesus vs. Sammonocadam (Aka Sommona-Codom) - Siamese
Jesus vs. Sandan of Tarsus - Greek
Jesus vs. Serapis (aka Asar-Hapi, Zaparrus) - Egyptian, Greek
Jesus vs. Shang-Ti (aka Chang-Ti, Tien) - Chinese
Jesus vs. Sun/Zodiac
Jesus vs. Sybillene Universal Monarch
Jesus vs. Tammuz (aka Dumuzi) - Sumerian
Jesus vs. Thor - Norse
Jesus vs. Virishna - Indian
Jesus vs. Wittoba (aka Withoban) - Bilingonese
Jesus vs. Zalmoxis of Thrace (aka Xamolxis, Xaniolxis)
Jesus vs. Zoar of the Bonzes - Asian
Jesus vs. Zoroaster (aka Zarathustra) - Persian
Jesus vs. Zulis (aka Thulis, Zhule) - Egyptian


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