Secrets and the City

For the first time, ever, Home & Away is releasing an exclusive video containing an episode, tilted Secrets & the City, which will never be shown on TV.

Secrets & the City will be available to own on October 25, and it'll take you way beyond what's happening on your TV set. The only way to find out more about your favourite characters, including Hayley Smith, Noah Lawson, Josh West, Nick Smith and the Sutherland family, is to get hold of Secrets & the City.

The video, hosted by Tammin Sursok, includes two special episodes alongside the video-only Secrets & the City episode, behind the scenes footage and interviews with your favourite stars, and tracks from the fabulous Home & Away Hits CD.

Secrets & the City begins when Dani and Josh head to the city of Sydney to track down Dani's father Rhys, who has run away after the disastrous revelations that have shattered his family. Along the way, Dani and Josh meet up with Hayley and Noah who are heading out on a romantic weekend.

In order to watch the video you'll need Windows Media Player. CLICK HERE to get it.

CLICK HERE to watch a sneak preview from Home & Away's Secrets & the City!

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