Broderick Smith - Biography

Broderick started playing folk and blues music back in 1962. Leaving school
and having a variety of jobs, he joined legendary Blues outfit the Adderley
Smith Blues Band. In 1968 Broderick was kidnapped by the government of the
day and press-ganged into the Australian Army for 2 years, in which he spent
most of the time trying to stay out of trouble.
Upon his eventual release after the collapse of the Liberal junta he helped
form a country roots type act called Sundown. But his first commercially
recorded work was in 1972 with Carson, a boogie and blues band. This was his
first real taste of travelling the country and playing music.
Then in 1973 he helped form The Dingoes , a legendary country rock group
that is a main inspiration behind the modern country rock explosion. The
Dingoes main aim in life was actually to carry on the great work done by
another band called Country Radio and explore the possibilities of blending
Bush music with R'n'B.
The Dingoes were signed up to American management in 1976 and went over
there to live and work until the end of 1978. These two years would fill a
book and in this context would sound somewhat fantastic, so we will leave it
for another time.web site
Broderick eventually came came back home and formed the Big Combo. During
this time he was also a singer on the Andrew Durant Memorial concert album.
He's released thirteen albums to date, six under his own name, recording
both here and in Canada and the US. He has recorded with Cat Stevens, Jimmy
Barnes, Steve Cropper, The Memphis Horns, Buffy Saint Marie, Phil Ochs,
Tommy and Phil Emmanuel. The list goes on and on.
He's held workshops on songwriting, vocals and harmonica. His workshops have
taken him all over his home state, into schools, prisons, reformatories, as
well as music stores.
Brod's been involved in the writing of somewhere around 200 songs and his
solo albums have seen him writing virtually all the lyrics. He generally
starts off with the lyric in a prose form and then when the music is
written, tends to change the lyrics to suit the music. Broderick believes
lyrics should say something and not just be something to sing along to.
He currently tours with Mick "The Reverend" O'Conner on keyboards.

The Reverend bio

" The Reverend" first came to prominence on the National scene playing with
Mark Gillespie during the late seventies.
Information about his life before that is sketchy but there have been hints
over the years.
This is what we've managed to piece together:
• Born in Victoria somewhere around the middle of last century.
• Apparently showed early signs of scholastic brilliance.
• Had no interest is sport but was feared by school football team.
• Ran away from home to join group of wandering Carmelite monks
• Learnt music around this time on a giant Conn 6 manual organ at a
monastery in Castile Spain.
( excessive scarring on his back suggests music was beaten into him)
• Left monastery to travel with small Italian circus playing villages
through Calabria.
• Left circus and worked as Champion Jack Dupree's roadie in France.
• Ran a small combo in a night club in London for Ronald and Reggie Kray.
Details are sketchy but his time spent in Castile suggests he also
acted as a swordsmith for the Krays.
• Came back to Australia in the late sixties and joined Grantley Dee's band
as organist and "procurer/minder" for Grantley.
• Worked for ASIO for twelve months on Irian Jaya border ( exact function
• Acquired Hammond organ distribution rights for US Forces clubs in Vietnam.
• Lost everything with Communist takeover in Vietnam. (There's still 200
Hammond B3s in crates somewhere in Ho Chi Minh City)
• Came back to Oz and met Mark Gillespie ( Charismatic
Svengali/singer/songwriter). Played with Mark for a few years.
• Visited Phillipines in an all male revue and got a small part as a dead
body in tree in " Apocalypse Now" ( Kurtz's stockade scene)
• Joined group of Malay pirates preying on luxury yachts.
• Came back to Australia and teamed up with Broderick Smith in The Big Combo
and toured the country. Played on Big Combo album. Received the moniker "The
• Played organ on "Andrew Durant Memorial concert"
• Combo folded and Mick went on to play with Goanna Band, The Giants and
Franciscus Henry.
• Held down residency at the Esplanade Hotel in St Kilda with "Spot the
Aussie" for several years. Developed a severe dislike for bored, young
middle class at this time.
• Has played with virtually everybody and worked on over 300 albums.
• Can field strip a Hammond organ and put it back together again in 1 hour.
• Now runs a "Skirmish" business and religious theme park on 200 acres in
Victorian countryside.
• Also works part time as a tractor mechanic.

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