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Bye Bye Miriam
Over 1 million of you tuned in to catch the last episode of Miriam and it went out with a bang and plenty of surprises!

The show that made global headlines came to an end on Sunday and as we all put our clocks forward the contestants looked as if they wished they could turn back time as the truth of Miriam’s gender bending ways were revealed.

Not only did the boys look horrified when they heard they’d been duped, the winner refused to accept the prize money of £10,000.

Having gone head to head by writing Miriam poetry and bringing her roses, the last two suitors, Tom and Scott, waited hoping they had won over the Mexican beauty. With only the three of them left in the Ibiza villa, both Tom and Scott tried to gain an advantage in the competition by wooing Miriam without the other knowing.

When it came to crunch time, all seven of the original contestants were bought back to hear the winner announced. First Miriam revealed that Lifeguard Tom was the triumphant winner, but his delight at beating the other boys quickly turned to anger when Miriam dropped the bombshell that she was in fact a pre-op transsexual. Refusing to accept the prize money, Tom, who was the first to snog Miriam on the show, called her "untrustworthy" and "deceitful". Shell-shocked by the news, the contestants left the sunny island to fly back to Britain, marking the end of a ground-breaking reality show.

But it’s bad news if you are hoping for a reunion. A follow-up is looking very unlikely, as all seven contestants refuse to speak with Miriam.

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