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Baton Rouge Serial Killer Suspect
Data From: Multi-Agency Homicide Task Force
(AMW: 9/21/02; 1/4/03; 1/25/03)
Additional Quirks:

1. May be a dark complected white male, a man of mixed heritage or a black male
2. May be driving a white 1996 or 1997 model Chevrolet pickup
3. Wears size 10 or 11 shoes
4. Probably able to lift about 175 lbs
5. Could have had scratches or bruises on his face or body after the May 31st murder


The Multi-Agency Homicide Task Force in Baton Rouge, LA is searching for a serial killer who has been connected to five murders in the Baton Rouge area.

On September 23, 2001, Gina Green, 41, a nurse was strangled in her Stanford Avenue home. Then on May 31, 2002, Charlotte Murray Pace, 22, a recent graduate of Louisiana State University's business school was stabbed to death in her Sharlo Avenue townhouse. On July 12, 2002, Pam Kinamore, 44, a married Interior Decorator, with a twelve-year-old son, was taken from her Briarwood Place home. Her body was found on July 16, 2002 at the Whiskey Bay exit off Interstate 10. Her throat had been cut. On November 21, 2002, Trineisha Dene Colomb, 23, was beaten to death in Scott, LA. She was the serial killer's first known black victim and the first to live outside Baton Rouge. Carrie Lynn Yoder, 26, a PhD student at LSU, was abducted from her home. Her body was found in Whiskey Bay on March 13, 2003. She had been strangled. All five cases have been linked by DNA.

The Task Force released information on the shoe the killer was wearing during the Pace attack. It was a Rawlings tennis shoe. Police released descriptions of items missing from Green, Pace, Kinamore and Colomb. They released a description of a white pick up truck seen at Whiskey Bay the night Kinamore was abducted.