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  RTCW DeGeneration   -   DG   -  07th Jun 2004 13:25
This arrived in my inbox about DeGeneration total conversion for RTCW. Not a lot of people seem to know much about it yet, looks well worth checking out (though I find it a bit odd reading people talking about "DG" all the time):

The DeGeneration site is up!

DeGeneration is an RTCW multiplayer modification that's approaching release. Run on over and get yourself an eye full of screenshots and some info on what it's all about and if you see a question not asked in the FAQ don't hesitate to drop us a line in the forum and ask away.

DeGeneration Website

Here are some of the many features:

  • Take to the sky and jump into the center of the action with fully interactive paratrooper spawns allowing you to get a bird's eye view.
  • Disassemble, relocate and reassemble MG42 machine guns to provide backup to your team.
  • Control the drop zone and assist your team in collecting vital equipment needed to construct your generator.
  • Help your team take on multiple strategic situations in this team-oriented battle royal.
  • Battle through and explore all new levels taking place in urban, military, arctic, and jungle environments.
  • Enjoy victory cut scenes of your opponents being obliterated
  • Keep yourself up to date on your game with realtime player and team stats
  • and much more!

    The promotional video is not far behind! We're eager to get it to you!

    Stay tuned!

    TRAM Design
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      ET Summer Cup   -   DG   -  07th Jun 2004 01:09
    Enemy Territory Summercup 2004 has launched.

    After a long Spring season in which we had both a successfull Open Cup and EuroCup, it's time again for a Summercup. Summercups are considered to be official ClanBase cups, but they differ from normal OC/EC's in a few ways:

  • Summercups are considered to be somewhat "less serious"
  • Summercups' rules are a bit different
  • Rules concerning players/matches are less strict

    For this Summercup, there is one major change in the ruleset of last season: the maplist (see futher). Futhermore this cup is open for any clan, clanleaders or trustees can signup their clan for this cup untill the 21st of June. This cup will officially kickoff on June 28 and will be finished at the end of August.

    Fair guess what the complaints and whinging will most likely be directed at. Map list is:

  • Battery (with etpro 3.x changes)
  • Fueldump (with etpro 3.x changes)
  • Railgun
  • Supplydepot

    Shame they're willing to use "unusual" (maybe proven bad?) maps, yet still too conservative to try any custom maps except one already widespread.
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      RTCW CB   -   DG   -  07th Jun 2004 00:52
    Clanbase is busy with Wolfen stuff lately.

    Knights of Death and Nameless.Squad battled it out for the title of RTCW Open Cup Spring 2004 champion, which resulted in Knights of Death winning it 4-0. There was actually lots of coverage for this, but game was already underway before I got back here to find out about it.

    In the RTCW Nations Cup IV, the semi-finals are to be played early this week with Belgium vs. Russia on Monday (21:30cet), and Sweden v Holland on Tuesday (21cet). WolfTV seems likely for both games, and both get shoutcasts (iTG and TSN'Warwitch, respectively).
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      We Liek Venice!   -   DG   -  06th Jun 2004 21:07
    I posted about a fortnight ago that BIO were pushing ET custom map TC_Venice_rc2, encouraging people to try the map, sticking it on their server and even making a walkthrough demo.

    Well they're still at it and now pimping the map over at sweRTCW, who have also added the map to the infamous Efterlyst server.

    Meanwhile, the Global Gaming League have picked up the map, though sweRTCW also had some pr0s who seem to have less appreciative views of the map... because they havent played it. US ET sites are also paying attention to the map, though i gather it'd been recognised for longer over there.

    The map itself can be found here, or maybe you prefer ND80 or TWL.
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      PoP Info   -   DG   -  06th Jun 2004 20:45
    Well today of all days is a time for asking ourselves and appreciating the price paid for peace, and with something of a tie in Dr Guppy has been around again to post on all the new stuff up on the Price of Peace website so we can appreciate the mod with the pertinent moniker.

    I can barely begin to sum up what they've added: "tech demo" videos; more images of Omaha Beach, Dog Green Sector, Dog One Draw and Isigny maps; new models... Also info about coding progress of the mod.

    The Price of Peace
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      U&E; Finalists   -   DG   -  06th Jun 2004 20:28
    Here's the results of the Unter & Elite semi-finals:

    By Invitation Only 1 : 2 Pink Gorillas (demo)
    Illusion 2 : 0 Soldiers of Fortune (demo)

    7squadron 2 : 0 Virtually Deceased (demo)
    Unity Death Squad 0 : 2 United Kingdom Elite Guard

    Which of course means...

    We have our finalists !

    After some absolutely fantastic games on supply depot we have our four teams competing for the two titles. I would like to thank BIO, SOF, VD and UDS for making the semi finals so very good. Its been an absolute pleasure to have had these clans take part and they have been a credit to us and themselves throughout the tourney.

    We now move onto the finals with both games being played on one round of Goldrush and two rounds of Oasis. On behalf of all the admins I would like to wish Pink, Illusion , 7sqd and UKEG the very best of luck.

    Pink Gorilaz v iLLusion 9 pm Wed June 9th

    UKEG v 7Squad 9 pm Thurs June 10th

    Both games will be shoutcasted by Itg radio

    Unter and Elite Wireplay Challenge 2004
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      RTCW PB Update   -   DG   -  03rd Jun 2004 17:39
    Punkbuster havent forgotten about RTCW after all, there's a new update for RTCW PB servers (that should autoupdate automatically etc etc... I'm sure you guys have figured how it goes by now).

    Wednesday 06.02.2004 [1:30PM]

    Version 1.089 of the PB Server for RtCW has been released to our PB Master Servers for auto-update and to our website download page. This is a maintenance release.
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      U&E; Semi's, Finalists   -   DG   -  03rd Jun 2004 17:33
    We have our first two finalists , Pink in the elite final and 7sqd in the Unter final.

    Sounds like there was some really good games, with Pink Gorillas showing stats (thanks Scotty) arent worth anything and they beat BIO 2:1 with quality play from both teams. 7sqd won 2:0 over VD, havent heard anything about that game yet.

    Presumably demos for both to be found somewhere, not sure where though.

    The opposition for these two teams in each of their finals will be decided tonight, with UDS vs. UKEG in the second Unter semi-final and iL vs. SoF in Elite's.
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