Update by Sheldan Nidle for the Spiritual Hierarchy and the Galactic Federation

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Selamat Jarin! We return, dear Hearts! Many events unfolding on your world are moving you swiftly toward a new reality. Soon, these events will culminate in some startling announcements by your governments. Now, since the hour for these proceedings approaches, we need to advise you of our plans. Our defense forces' principal assignment will be the protection of our Earth allies. Their military sector is under constant pressure from many armed forces divisions of your four major world powers. With our protection, they have been able to grow both in size and capability. We are extremely proud of what they have accomplished so far. Around this military core evolved an intricate global network that will be the foundation for the new economic and financial institutions to be authorized by N.E.S.A.R.A. This global document is the main offspring of agreements that we signed in 1998 with our Earth allies. Since the end of the galactic year of 9 Eb (the summer of 2001), it has been connected with an extensive series of abundance programs. It, in turn, committed us to ensure that this agenda was carried out in a timely fashion.

      Our defense forces, also, are monitoring and protecting the many civilian and governmental members of this broad-based coalition. Years ago, we assigned a number of our fleet's select defense scouts to special posts. Because they are cloaked, they are able to oversee the individuals assigned them. In addition to these forces, we continually monitor all communications on your planet. We closely observe the launching of all space objects into orbit and have limited operations of your secret government's advanced spacecraft. These 'free-energy' powered vehicles initially challenged us several decades ago. At first, we were ordered not to openly retaliate. Then, some years ago, our First Contact Command Board changed these orders. Those Earth-based vehicles no longer challenge us. There still remain a number of exotic weapons secretly owned by a few of your governments. We have warned those governments not to use this weaponry against us. We can vaporize them without killing or harming any of their combatants. Recently, in North America, we chose such a weapon and conspicuously proved our point.

      The last, stubborn cabal on your world stands in disarray. They are fully aware that the moment of their judgment is near. This realization throws them into panic. Now, there is no exit. Only their total surrender and full acknowledgment of the 1998 agreements remain. Like game fish caught on the hook of your world, they struggle bravely. Still, the final outcome is known. We ask you not to be too harsh in your judgment of their acts. This cabal has implemented actions that the Anunnaki's Earth minions have long carried out on your planet. But they underestimated the true power of the coalition set against them. You, dear Ones, are the heart of that coalition. Each Light Worker should fully appreciate the impact of your concerted actions. Because of you, this glorious victory became inevitable. Thanks to you, a mighty global network for change became possible. That network and its many indomitable levels will enable our victory. This victory will lead us to first contact, and to the next level in your return to physical Angels. It will include your first recognition as galactic humans.

     Once first contact takes place, it will put an end to your isolation in this galaxy. It will also bring you to a new understanding of how and why you are on Mother Earth. That dawning will end your reliance on beliefs that have demeaned you and allowed your off-world and Earth masters control over you. You will learn about your true history and perceive it differently. You will discover how and why your many cultures came to be. Most of all, you will realize your connection to each other and to life throughout physical Creation. We have intimated these things to you many times in past messages. Now, dear Hearts, it is important for you to see this as a glittering drama, overseen by Heaven. The Light and the dark were each cast in specific roles with distinct limitations. These conditions made it possible for you to acquire great wisdom and to help us ascertain how the treaty of Anchara was to culminate in a permanent peace for this galaxy. Unknowingly, you have already begun to play a decisive role in these matters.

      The cosmic forces of Light that surround your world are well aware of what little time this last cabal possesses. We have shown excessive patience to this group of fools for far too long. Their intransigence borders on the ridiculous. The absurdity of their present position is well-known to all in charge of their doom. Their arrogance is becoming legendary throughout this galaxy. Even the former star-nations of the Anchara Alliance are stunned by what they have continued to do on your world. Fortunately, Heaven is tightening their 'noose' and is ready to bring down the curtain on this cheerless drama. They have taken your global society to the brink of a disaster that nearly led to a degree of human slavery and avarice far beyond the limits permitted by Heaven. Hence, Heaven began a process that has brought about your present situation. This situation is founded on the delivery of great abundance, combined with the manifestation of a new reality.

      That new reality can only be manifested once the last-known remnants of Ancient Rome finally are put to rest. Your Earth masters have rested their legality on a continuance of laws and conditions that have remained in effect for the past two-plus millennia. These rules have been adjudicated into oblivion by your present legal system. This long process, permitting the creation of a new set of precedents, allows the agreements of 1998 to be seen as a natural and overdue procedure in international law. Further, it brings to light a method that will move your global society forward on its journey toward becoming a galactic society. All galactic societies possess traditions on which they build to create a newer and better society. Our Earth allies have completed this task and wish to enforce what already is in place. Now, that process has begun.

      As your global society advances along the path to freedom and true individual sovereignty, governance becomes a perfect representation of its citizenry. Now, as a consequence, sincere and genuine public diligence is required. In this regard, the Ascended Masters intend to provide proper guidance and timely methods for it to be manifested. This process will begin once the first series of announcements has been completed. This means that soon, a great many special Galactic Federation liaison teams will be dispatched. Their aim will be to teach you how to form purposeful groups, consisting of unique individuals, and how to coordinate them efficiently by applying the principles of 'Fluid Group Dynamics'. Once you have mastered the concept, you will find it an almost 'miraculous' tool for managing groups.

      The key to any nation's success lies in its roots. Your new reality will inspire you to see government as one of your prime responsibilities. As new technologies are introduced and abundance takes hold of your lives, many of the conditions that have limited your diligence can be cleared away. Then you will need to concentrate on your community. Whether local or global, you need to make it your focus. Always be aware, dear Ones, that 'presence' is a vital component of your ever-rising consciousness. You will sense your connected-ness to each other and to Mother Earth. Again, we say: the tools that have been denied you and the overwhelming obstacles to your success will be removed. We ask you to use this opportunity to envision the birthing of your new galactic society. Remember, dear Hearts, that together, we shall be victorious!

      Today, we have discussed some of the events unfolding on your world. Now, you are about to be part of the manifestation of your new reality. We ask you to use this crucial time to focus intently upon, and remain passionately committed to, your victory. At last, a new reality is dawning on your world! We now take our leave. Blessings! Know, in your Heart of Hearts, that the ceaseless Prosperity and never-ending Supply of Heaven is yours! So Be It! Selamat Gajun! Selamat Kasijaram! (Sirian for Be One! Be in Joy!)

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