"Labour isn't Working" fast became one of the most famous posters in advertising history. Imagine if you had been able to have a crack at that brief? Just as in 1979 when Labour wasn't working, today swathes of the population feel let down by Labour.

So that was the brief. We have now passed the final date for submission.

We've had a fantastic response to our Let Down By Labour open brief and greatly appreciate the creativity and industry of all those who entered.

You can see the shortlisted entries by clicking here.
The winning submissions will be announced next week.

Thank you.

Dr Liam Fox,
Co-chairman of the Conservative Party.
* * *
Britain is a great country with great potential. Since 1997, Tony Blair has had every opportunity to fulfil that potential. He inherited a buoyant economy; he had two large parliamentary majorities; and the goodwill of the British people.

Tony Blair said, "things can only get better". Yet after seven years nothing much has changed and some things have actually got worse. People are paying a lot more in tax but getting little in return. Last year there were a million violent crimes. There are still a million people on NHS waiting lists. And a million children play truant. There is massive waste in government. Bureaucracy has ballooned.

We would have thought that was quite enough, but if you want the real nitty gritty behind Labour's failure to deliver click here.

The local, London and European Elections on 10th June provide a chance for people to vent their frustration and make their feelings known.
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