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The Best World Builder Games

This is a list of what I feel are the best World Builder games available today. Included next to each entry is a file size (in MB), shareware fees (if any), the author's e-mail address, and a small description. The folowing links will either directly download the games or take you to a site where you can download the games. Most authors also have web sites and e-mail addresses listed with their games so you can get more information. Also, please check out my games (from Bonkers Software) on either AOL or at the Bonkers Software Home Page. More web pages devoted to World Builder and World Builder games can be found on my links page.

Ray Dunakin's Games:

(For more info on Ray's games, please visit the Ray's Maze Page, an unofficial home page devoted to Ray Dunakin's World Builder games.)


Another Fine Mess: size: 2.1 MB, $15 shareware fee, e-mail: are Fearless Frank, rambling adventurer in search of treasure in the alternative universe titled "Ray's Maze." You must not only search for money to pay off all your debts back home, but find a way out of the maze. Many complex, challenging, and multi-step puzzles await you in this long and fun game.


A Mess O' Trouble: size: 2.4 MB, $15 shareware fee, e-mail: sequel to Another Fine Mess, A Mess O' Trouble breaks new ground in World Builder games. For the first time, you can play one of two explorers: Fearless Frank, or Daredevil Dawn. Whichever character you choose, the basic idea of the game is the same as in AFM: you are in search of treasure in yet another section of the "Ray's Maze." Multi-step, challenging puzzles await you in one of the greatest World Builder Games ever.

Twisted!: size: 1.7 MB, $15 shareware fee, e-mail:'s most recent masterpiece, Twisted! is just as strange-sounding as its name. You are a tornado-chaser who is unwittingly swept up inside one of your chased tornados! You wind up in a new land, full of strange creatures and strangely-familiar political figures. Your mission is to return home, where you find yet another 'twist' to the story. Stupendous graphics, tough, tough puzzles, an interesting story line, and more make this a World Builder game you don't want to miss!

Louise Hope's games:

(For more info on Louise's games, or to download them, please visit Lucy's Worlds, Louise's official home page. Color versions of her games can also be found here.)

TowerSecond Place Ribbon

The Tower: size: 818k, $10 shareware fee ($5 if have already registered another of Louise's WB games), e-mail: friend Jake went to go exploring in an old tower and was supposed to be back--2 days ago. So, you go to the very same tower in search of him. Many hard puzzles, good graphics, and more. Second-place winner of Ray Dunakin's Adventures In Excellence contest.


The Sultan's Palace: size: 669k, $10 shareware fee ($5 if have already registered another of Louise's WB games), e-mail:'s out exploring again, this time in the Middle East. He said that he wanted to meet you in the town surrounding a sultan's palace after he was done exploring, but he never shows up. Now it's up to you to search for Jake inside the palace. Many hard puzzles, good graphics, and more.


The Canal District: size: 836k, $10 shareware fee ($5 if have already registered another of Louise's WB games), e-mail:, now newly married, has gone on his honeymoon, and you're left housesitting. When you're thumbing through his mail, you see an invitation for an adventure down at the Canal District of the town. So, you head down for yet another adventure, when something goes wrong. Many hard puzzles, good graphics, and more.

Other Games:

Spencer King:

ZetaFirst Place Ribbon

Exploration Zeta: size: 368k, "Affordware" (pay anything you can afford), e-mail:"--The last transmission from Spacestation Zeta was months ago, and the international space organization you work for has sent you to Zeta to find out what's going on. Good graphics, a clear storyline, challenging puzzles, and more make this an exciting game. First-place winner of Ray Dunakin's Adventures In Excellence contest.

Ken Moodie:


Little Pythagoras: size: 716k, $5 shareware fee, e-mail: are a young Pythagoras in ancient Greece. As you go through your day, you shall encounter simple and not-so-simple geometric and logic puzzles. Shoot the bunny for your breakfast, if you can figure out how far away it is. Solve the King's puzzle of the misplaced signs. Figure out who won the Olympics by piecing together bits of information from those who were there. Wonderful graphics, many puzzles, and lots of fun await you in this exciting and challenging World Builder adventure.

Gökhan Ozar:

(For more informatin on Göhkan's World Builder and other games, or to download them, please visit his website at

The Journey

The Journey v1.6.2 US: size: 831k, $10 shareware fee, e-mail: a twist on most space games, you are an alien visiting Earth to collect data for you home planet. While blasting off for home, a mysterious laser beam hits your ship, and you prepare for a crash landing. Now stuck on Earth, you must battle demons and humans in your quest to find a way home. Inventive storyline, good graphics, and a bit of humor make this game from Turkey an exciting and challenging World Builder adventure. (Note: US version in English, but other versions available.)


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