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Accelerated Logic - about us

Accelerated Logic is founded in 1999.

Its organisation is build around a team of highly qualified engineers, specialized in the development of solid state memory technology, using the most advanced secure chip technology. The development team has overcome the challenge to create a unique solution to resolve the time critical bottleneck of the standard PC hard disk read/write performance. The range of products that now are available are produced under supervision of its own staff and outsourced to ISO 9001 manufacturers.

The headquartes are located in the Netherlands:

Address: Van der Marckstraat 17B
2352 RA Leiderdorp
The Netherlands
Phone: +31 (0) 71 - 581 3772
Fax: +31 (0) 71 - 581 3773


The Management

Accelerated Logic BV is managed by Dik van Wijk as its CEO, Dik is a specialist in electrical and electronic engineering, who has held key roles in many major electronic ventures and business with a >20 years key management experience in research, related projects and the industry. Pascal Bancsi serves as CTO and is the actual inventor of the SSD projected architecture of the HyperDrive II. He has studied mathematics, electronics and computer sciences at the universities of Leiden and Delft and has been a founder-shareholder in several companies active in designing, as well as producing electronic products over the past 15 years. Hans Smallenbroek is CFO. Hans i s a fiscal lawyer with a broad experience in legislation and tax issues. Jan Paul Heemskerk is Director of Operations. Jan Paul has been working for well over 25 years in the global ICT and Consumer Electronics Industry and was a.o. Managing Director for Laser Computers Europe. Peter Luiks is Global Director Marketing and Sales. Peter has an international high tech, ICT executive career, with 26 years in global marketing and sales, working and living all over the world.


 CEO:    Ir. Dik van Wijk
CTO:    Pascal Bancsi
CFO:    Mr. Hans Smallenbroek
Director Marketing and Sales:    Peter Luiks
Director Operations:    Jan Paul Heemskerk


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