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Farrell has lots of lines thanks to 35 years of research along with the help of family, friends & other genealogists. She has dozens of early New England lines with one line to the Mayflower (Richard Warren), one providing membership in the Daughters/Sons of American Colonists (George Harlan), six who fought in the Revolutionary War (John Abbott, John Ames, Henry Coffman, Enoch Davis, John Griffith, Robert Spear) & at least two ancestors who fought in the Civil War (William H. H. P. Farrell and Leonidas West)

The surname MATHENY is her largest collection with over 14,500 Mathenys in the USA indexed, about 3200 census extractions. She is always eager to correct, update & share what has been collected.

Surname Index

an * indicates photos included

If you see "unlinked" surnames and wish information, just e-mail Farrell. She will share whatever she has.

My Family* Abbott* Adams  Allen Ames* Andrew Ashby
Austin Axtell Ayers Bacon Barker (s) Barnes Bartlett
Bayford Bellows  Bent Bidfield Blake Bond Bonham
Boyden Bradstreet Bragg Braxton Brewer Bridges Brimsdell
Brown Bumpus Bunker Cassell Chandler Chase Chubbs
Clark (s) Cloyes Coffin* Coffman* Colby Currier  Dalton
 Davis* Davison Dickinson Dix Dudley Dwinnell Eggleston
Ellis Emery Esty Farnum Farrell* Faulkner Follansbee
Foote French Frost Frye Gardner Gates Gilman
Goddard Goodrich Gott Graves Green Greenleaf Greenslade
Griffith Hadlocke Hancock Harlan* Hawkins (s) Hazeltine Hendrick
Heritage * Hobbs Holmes Horner Howe* Hoyt
 Hunting Ingalls Jackman Johnson (s) Keller* Kendall Kent
Kimball Knapp Ladd Lakin Larkin Lee Leighton
Lewelling Littlefield Long Macy Man Martin Matheny *
Matlock Maynard McDowell McPherson Merriam Middleton *
 Morey Newton Norris Nutting Osgood Otis Paddock
 Palmer Parker Parmenter Pearl Perkins Phelps Philbrick
Pinder Pinkham Pitts* Plummer Plympton Postlethwait Redd
Remington Reynolds Rice Roberts Rolfe Rowell Russell*
Sargent Scott Sears Severance Shapleigh  Shatswell Shattuck
Simonds Spaulding Spear Starbuck Stiles Stoughton Stroud
Symonds Temple Tibbets Tidd * Tomlin Towne
Treworgy Ward Ware Warren Wentworth West* Wheeler
Wible* Williams Wood Woodman Wooley Yorke

And to America they came on slow boats from England

Some of my Ancestors Made History

Last updated: February 17, 2004

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