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A benchmark comparison of a number of programming languages.


This is an updated version of Doug Bagley's original Great Computer Language Shootout, updated with new languages and revised to work with modern compilers.

Originally, the project goal was to compare all the major scripting languages. Later, compiled languages were added for comparison and now are a major component of the benchmark.

The project goals have not changed substantially since Doug's original project. This work is continuing so that we all can learn about new languages, compare them in various (possibly meaningless) ways, and most importantly, have some fun!

Someday, maybe, the results we present might be meaningful, but please take the current results with a grain of salt. You might get different results on a different OS, on different hardware, with newer releases of the languages, or even from run to run of the same test. You might even find that horrible bugs still lurk in the testing method.

This is very much a work in progress! As it evolves we may add, change, or remove languages, tests, or solutions. Some solutions as currently presented are unoptimized, and may be optimized in the future (especially if people contribute better solutions).

    Disclaimer No. 1: I'm just a beginner in many of these languages, so if you can help me improve any of the solutions, please drop me an email. Thanks.

    Disclaimer No. 2: These pages are provided for novelty purposes only. Any other use voids the manufacturer's warranty. Do not mix with alchohol. Some contents may consist of recycled materials. Contents packaged by weight. Some settling of volume may occur.

    Disclaimer No. 3: ditto.

    Disclaimer No. 4: Please read the pages on Methodology, the FAQ, and Conclusions before you flame.

By the way, the word Great in the title refers to quantity, not quality (history shall be the judge of that). I saw a need for a more comprehensive language comparison than what I could find out on the 'Net, and you are reading the solution. I wanted to see a comparison of more languages doing more tests, and with (hopefully) the participation of more people.

Aldo Calpini has put a huge amount of work into porting the shootout to Microsoft Windows. He even includes some new languages and some commercial compilers that run on Windows. Please check it out. (Please note that there may be some differences in his port. It is really a separate, derivative work). Many thanks to Aldo!


You can now download the entire shootout as a compressed tarball. The current distribution is about 1.5MB and it is approximately alpha quality (it is probably suitable only for the adventurous). The tarball is updated nightly. I will try to keep the News up-to-date to explain the new stuff.