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“Like cures like. Any substance which can produce a totality of symptoms in a healthy human being can cure that totality of symptoms in a sick human being.” — Samuel Hahneman

Homeopathy is based in principles of healing that originated even before Hippocrates. But in the late 1700s Samuel Hahneman (a physician who actually quit practicing medicine because he was horrified by such traditional treatments as blood-letting and violent purges) spent several years testing the theory of “like cures like.” His research and “provings” of several remedies during that time are the foundation for the system of Homeopathy practiced today.

Homeopaths believe that symptoms are the visible signs of the body’s attempt to heal itself and resume its natural healthy state of balance. Practitioners of homeopathy match each person with a remedy or remedies according to the individual’s unique situation and symptoms. The remedies reinforce the person’s natural healing capacity and strengthen the natural defenses of the body.

Homeopathy is truly “energy medicine.” Remedies are extremely diluted in preparation and work with a person’s vital force to heal. Contrary to what you might think, the dilution and succussion (vibration) of a remedy during preparation actually increases the potency of the remedy. An added benefit of such low dosages is a lack of side effects that make homeopathic remedies safe for children and pets. Today, over 2,000 remedies from plants, animals, minerals and even diseased tissue have been tested and are in current use.

Clayton College of Natural Health

At Clayton College of Natural Health we offer degree programs in natural health and holistic nutrition that include courses in homeopathy. We also offer a Certificate program for healthcare practitioners that allows the student who is already a practitioner to integrate homeopathy into an existing practice.

Distance Learning

CCNH’s 20-plus year history has proven that the distance learning format for natural health is highly successful. Distance learning at CCNH offers a convenient alternative to a campus-based education — at a cost far below the tuition rates of most on-campus colleges.

Programs Available

CCNH programs are available that lead to B.S., M.S., Ph.D., N.H.D. and N.D. degrees as well as Certificate programs in herbal studies and healthcare professional studies. We offer optional concentrations in herbology, homeopathy, nutrition and lifestyles, and iridology, as well as courses whose topics include mind/body health and nutritional therapies, among others.

Unique Educational Opportunity

CCNH offers a unique educational program emphasizing health and wholeness. Students create their own learning environment, study at their own pace, and fit their studies into their own lifestyle.

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For detailed program information, request a printed catalog.

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