For the time being, the handbooks are currently only available in MS Word 2000 .Doc format. Not out of any particular love for Word documents, but because keeping them in Word makes the books easy to update and easier to print.

Because of this, when clicking on the links below it would be wise to right click them first and choose Save Target As from the pop-up menu.

Some versions of MS Internet Explorer may try to interface MS Word with the web browser and open the document as a web page. This stroke of technological genius not only seems to take forever but it also works as an open invitation to system crashes with longer documents such as the Players Handbook. Thanks Microsoft!

Player's Handbook

A necessary read for all players and directors. Explains what everything means as well as how to have fun with it without hurting yourself.


Director's Handbook

Do you have what it takes to be a Director? To work on the other side of the kitchen table? To play a thousand roles? I don't know, with those beady eyes of yours and all. But, anyways, read this short text and it will put you track to being the next Martin Scorsese of the game table.

Developer's Handbook

This is a definite read for the elite few who feel the compelling urge to create stuff for the ToAd. It won't tell you how to use the ICEs, they have their own help manuals for this sort of affair, but it will tell you all about the wonderous world of database technology, or more exactly, what all the different field thingy means.

Unfortunately it is still under construction so please excuse the mess.

Race Creation Handbook

A quick (okay it was written in an afternoon) guide to what you need to know about creating races with the Race Creator.

Game Tables

The game can easily run with just one table, the Effects table, but this little docet contains eight printable pages no gamer should be without.