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The Reliability Mall was designed to make shopping online easier, and less stressful. You've found the place to shop with quality, reliable, established companies in the greater Houston area.

If you would like to advertise or be listed here, we can't help you. Don't even try to pay us for an ad or listing. We can't take your money.

Tenants of the Reliability Mall are members of a non-profit, independent organization that promotes consumer confidence both online and in traditional business settings. If you would like to have your company listed here, you must be screened and become a member of this independent organization, first. 

This structure is one of the reasons customers value this mall so much. They know we aren't going to add shady businesses to this site to generate ad revenue (we couldn't, even if we wanted to). The net result is consumer confidence online. We encourage you to apply for membership in this independent, non-profit organization, and if approved, you can join our quality tenants.

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All companies listed on the Reliability Mall must meet strict, independent standards, and adhere to independent screening by one of the most trusted, non-profit, reliability organizations in the U.S.


When you see this seal on a tenant's Web page, click it to remotely access the company's independent reliability report.
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