-- phantasy star

Phantasy Express 1
The Famous Four Idiots Go To Save The World. Actually, I don't hate Enid Blyton.

Phantasy Express 2: The Remake
The Extroadinary Eight Idiots Go To Save The World. Features inter-species sex, which is always good. Apparently. Hoho. Actually the inter-species sex bit annoys me. Jealousy. Hoho.

During an enforced break, I decided to make a PS winamp skin. It is the fiddliest fucking job in the world to make one of these, so you should download it, shouldn't you. Yes.
It's 42k zipped up, which surprises me considering how big it is when it's out of the bag. Enjoy!
"Ain't there one damn song that can make me break down and cry-yyyy?!"