An i686-optimized Linux distribution

People Working on Arch Linux

These are the people who are currently working on Arch Linux. This list is organized categorically, but in reality, everyone on the team does a little bit of everything.

Many thanks to everyone that has contributed to the project over the years.

Group Duties Members
Administration server admin
user accounts
services (www, forum, cvs)
Judd Vinet
Documentation maintenance
frequently asked questions
Aurelien Foret
Dennis Herbrich
Dusty Phillips
Judd Vinet
Packages building
Dale Blount
Roberto Carvajal
Jason Chu
Aurelien Foret
Lou Greenwood
Eric Johnson
Tobias Kieslich
John Sowiak
Damir Perisa
Arjan Timmerman
Judd Vinet
Programming pacman (package management system)
system programs/scripts
kernel packaging/configuration
Aurelien Foret
Judd Vinet
Releases coordination
Judd Vinet
Security monitoring security lists
releasing security announcements
testing/implementing security patches
Nick Holland
Gregor Ibic
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