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On Valentine's Day 1991, Robert and Anna's daughter Robin played Cupid by sending them valentines signed with each other's names. They went to Robin's dance recital together, where Anna began playing footsy with Robert. They shared a romantic dinner and went back to his place. Anna worked Robert into a heat, sensually removing her long black stockings. Then, she tied him up and gagged him with them! Robert was embarrassed when Frisco found him the next day. Yet Robert admitted that he had enjoyed Anna's little game in spite of himself. In time, they fell back in love.

Cheryl Stansbury recovered from her illness and begged Robert Scorpio to help her find her baby. She told Robert that Julian Jerome fathered her missing boy.

The crooked Broxton covered up a secret at the Willow Shores condo complex: the water supply was tainted. When Robert caught up to him, Broxton threw his knowledge of Cheryl's baby in Robert's face. But Robert had already learned the truth. He dispatched Broxton to the justice system and confronted Bobbie, telling her he knew that Lucas was really Cheryl's child. Upon learning of Bobbie's lies, Tony walked out on her.

Robert handed Lucas to Cheryl and was stunned when she told him that he was the baby's father. However, a paternity test proved that Robert was not Lucas's father. Shep Casey (who looked exactly like the departed alien, Casey Rogers) ended his one-sided relationship with Cheryl and left town. Soon after, Cheryl also departed Port Charles.

Jenny Eckert and other members of the Greenbelts, an environmental safety organization, protested the arrival of the Quartermaine boat, the SS Tracy, for carrying unsafe chemicals. As the ship arrived in Port Charles harbor, it exploded -- and sank! Robert Scorpio pulled one bedraggled survivor onto the safety of the dock -- then threw him back. The man was his estranged brother, Mac Scorpio.

Jenny's brother, Bill Eckert, was a crewman on the boat along with their cousin Joey Moscini. Bill, who was a cousin of Bobbie and Luke Spencer, left the hospital and went home to his father Fred, mother Angela and his ten year old son Sly, who had arrived in Port Charles ahead of him. Bill had recently divorced Sly's mother Nancy.

Monica's daughter Dawn was killed by the notorious Edge Jerome. Decker was charged with her murder, but Frisco cleared him when he found a videotape of Edge committing the crime. Decker left town. The police later found Edge's severed head in a dumpster. His enemies had finished him off.

Alan and Monica could no longer trust Ned or Tracy to run the company. They found Paul Hornsby, a brilliant businessman and lawyer to pull the company out of debt. Jenny Eckert found herself embroiled in a romantic triangle between Ned Ashton and newcomer Paul Hornsby.

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