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Teenage spitfire Brenda Barrett turned up on her big sister Julia's doorstep. Julia persuaded Brenda to move in with her and enroll in Port Charles High. Jagger Cates also enrolled at PC High. Brenda was instantly attracted to him. She could tell he liked Karen, who Brenda instantly disliked. Neither Jagger nor Brenda liked school. But Jagger liked Brenda's style and they fell into each other's arms and made love.

Ryan Chamberlain convinced Felicia to join him for a mountain cabin weekend. While there, Felicia's memory returned. She panicked. She'd seen Ryan and Todd kill a woman in Texas! Felicia picked up a knife. Mac arrived to see Felicia standing over Ryan's body. Felicia was charged with attempted murder!

Tracy gave birth to Paul's son, Dillon, but her marriage to Paul grew shakier. Tracy hired Marco Dane, a fast-talking, quick-thinking con artist from Llanview, Pennsylvania, to dig up some dirt on her daughter-in-law/rival Jenny. He learned Jenny had a miscarriage by Senator Kensington when she was 16! Tracy used the information to blackmail Jenny to stay away from Paul. Ned learned all about his wife's long-ago affair with the Senator. He threw Jenny and all her "virgin" lies out of his life! Paul walked out on Tracy after hearing how she blackmailed Jenny.

Tiffany Hill's sister Cheryl died after a car accident. Tiffany and Sean brought their nephew Lucas back to Port Charles. In a video will, Cheryl requested that Bobbie and Tony raise Lucas as their own. Tiffany vowed to fight!

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