Descendants of John White of Virginia
I am researching the family history of my father Edmund Pendleton White.  Dad was the last male to carry the family name in a line that can be traced back to the 1500's, so this meant quite a lot to him.  Dad passed away on Valentine's Day 2003 and I hope to continue to find out everything I can about my family for my own interest, but more importantly to honor my father. 

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From the Family Bible of Lawrence Battaile White

White ancestry in America goes back to Capt. John White of Devonshire England; explorer and patron of Sir Walter Raleigh, who founded the first settlement at Roanoke Island in 1584.  Tradition has it that Capt. John Smith, Sir Humphrey and Sir Walter Raleigh were brothers-in-law.

Martin Key came direct from England and his first wife was the sister of Lady Jane Grey and granddaughter of Henry VII of England and settled in Albemarle Co., Virginia and brought with him nine sons, seven of which fought in the Revolution.  His son John was a major in the Revolutionary War. 

Martin Key’s second wife was Nancy Bibb of Albemarle Co., Virginia, daughter of William Bibb.

Nancy Bibb Key’s second husband was Jesse White, brother of John White.* John had three sons; William, Edmund and Arthur.  Edmund White bought “White Hall”.  John was sheriff of Caroline Co., or Spotsylvania.  Edmund Pendleton White was a practicing physician.  He found gold at White Hall which he worked for years.  He sold White Hall for $90,000 and moved to Portobago.  This was the home of Edmund P.White who married Anne Champ Battaile-

Anna Robinson(sp ?) - no issue
William Wirt - died - never married
Edmund Champ Gaines - died - never married
John Battaile White - married Francis Taliaferro
Lawrence Battaile White - married Eliz. Taliaferro

Issue Lawrence Battaile White and Eliz.Taliaferro:

Lawrence Sustanus White born Nov. 10, 1862 at Federicksburg, Va.
George Arthur White born Nov. 13, 1864 at at Portobago
Edmund Pendleton White born Nov. 20, 1866 at Portobago
Mary Wilhelmina White born Sept.15, 1868
Sarah Frances Brook forn 1870
John Addison White born July 17 1871

Eliza L. Taliaferro, 5th daughter of John W.Taliaferro and Sarah Brook born in King George Co., Va. July 17, 1840

Lawrence Battaile White, son of Edmund P. and Anne Champ Battaile, born Jan. 27, 1843 at Portobago in Caroline Co., Va.  Issue by 1st marriage:

John  Pendleton, born April 19, 1861 at Fredericksburg
Lawrence Sustanus White, born Nov. 10, 1862

Lawrence Battaile White issue by 2nd marriage to Mary Battaile:

Edith Hawthorne , born Dec. 17,1884
Robert Spurgeon, born Feb. 18, 1886 at (illegible)
Benjamin Battaile White, born Aug. 11, 1889
Eugene Fitzhugh, born Jan. 20, 1892
William (illegible), born Sept. 30 1895
Anne Elizabeth, born May 24, 1898
Laurice Brooke, born July 4, 1900

*  Issue of John and Martha White:

Nancy Bibb White, born Mar.1, 1797 in Kentucky
Jesse Martin Key White, born Aug. 12, 1798
William Fitzhugh White, born Sept. 12 1800
Edmund Pendleton White, born Sept. 12, 1803, died Aug. 15, 1856 at Portobago
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