White House 'not sold', just 'mildly leased - claimed unnamed source close to the curator.
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Sensational claims today by blacklisted reporter that the White House was sold to TV networks over 30 years ago.

In mysterious dealings over Watergate, a secret deal between Nixon and a consortium of Network TV executives saw control of this icon of Western Democratic Power slip silently from control of the American People.

"The top guys don't even know, at least party men close to the President. Many key WH staffers are either actors, DAs or simply playing along and - under threat of 'severe penalty' - sworn to secrecy, and strongly encouraged by a 'retirement bonus'. "

"The place is crawling with hidden cameras, microphones and wireless intercoms. The studio control room is a bunker 2 miles away - paid for by tax payers, of course." Insiders refer to the incumbent as "President Truman Burbank", derisively.

And who is the 'audience' if the White House is a televised reality show? Corporate America.

Ford, Carter, Reagan, Bush, Clinton, Bush all carried on their administrations under scrutiny by the rich and powerful who learned every decision in advance.

"At first everyone (in the TV industry who knew, that is) thought this would be a groundbreaking television event, delivering a knockout blow to radio and print (that was still a big deal in the sixties). Then they realised their news rooms couldn't be trusted.

"Reporters are genetically predisposed to turning secrets into headlines - at least they were in the sixties. Things are different today - why do ya think I'm WH blacklisted? So the footage that would have been for air time was instead piped into corporate board rooms and anyone rich enough to take a feed."

Oval Office and West Wing feeds are said to ask $100,000 a minute during policy meetings with the President in attendance. These are very exclusive 'telecasts'.

"Originally we were gonna just use the place as a TV set - you know, make the occasional series starring Martin Sheen or somebody - call it the 'Oval Office' or something 'Wing'. But, by agreement with Nixon, later Presidents COULD NOT to be told.

"As it turned out, not telling later Presidents made no difference to our plans whatsoever!"

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