Invalidation by J Raymond Redbourne.


INTRODUCTION: Prior to 1887 almost all physics professionals assumed the aether to exist. It was required as the necessary wave medium for light, which had been demonstrated in several experiments, to be an electromagnetic wave. The Michelson Morley Experiment of 1887 (MM Ex) was intended merely to positively demonstrate the existence of the aether by detecting the aether wind. It failed to do so. But it was also fatally flawed. This is Topic (b) of ~70 in this series. March 30/02 based upon previous work from JR Redbourne’s General Theory Of Universe Structure And Dynamics.

This wind was expected to have been generated by the Earth moving through the stationary aether, like a motorcycle on a windless day. All physics professionals were convinced of the validity of the MM Ex setup and procedures. When it failed to detect the aether wind, it threw shockwaves of confusion into Theoretical Physics. The theory of the aether was ejected from general conventional theory. And since light now had no wave medium to wiggle through (like water waves in water), the "photon particle" was invented, having structural integrity, to carry light energy from the Sun, through empty space, to Earth. And Einstein was forced to warp empty space geometrically to produce the gravitational effect. There is a substantial list of outstanding and unresolved problems in theoretical Physics in the INTRODUCTION to the complete work.

However, in those days of the Michelson Morley Experiment, scientists did not know about the compression / extension of waves at the transition interface, as they cross from the portion of the wave medium in which they were generated, into a portion of the wave medium moving at a different velocity.

In Drawing 61, the water waves travel from the non-flowing water of Lake Ontario where they were wind-generated, through the transition interface, and up into the headcurrent of the Jordan River. Note the strange looking "actual wave shape", and note the wave compression at the Transition Point (stationary / flowing interface).

Michelson and Morley were not aware of this compression /extension effect on waves as they move from one portion of the wave medium to a portion moving at a different velocity. In fact, no one was aware of it until I discovered it in the Lake Ontario / Jordan River / North Wind Waves combination two years ago. It is not taught in university Wave Mechanics courses.

We see immediately that: The Physics-Rules for Waves, versus Bodies-of-Matter-In-Flight, are Different. But because M & M were not aware of this effect, they erroneously used a single, incompressible boat moving on a flowing stream of water as an analogy for a train of compressible / extendible waves moving on the water. And they transferred this analogy to light waves moving in the aether. But as the light waves move through the interface at the light source and out into the presumed aether wind, they would immediately be compressed or extended according to the direction and velocity of the aether wind compared to the light generator taken as stationary.

This error was a pivotal one in Theoretical Physics history. It resulted in the theoretical transference of wave mechanics to the mechanics of solids, space and time. Now it is said that solid bodies contract with increasing velocity, when actually it is waves that contract with increasing velocity of headcurrent. It is said that no body of matter can exceed the velocity of light, when actually it is lightwaves that are restricted to that velocity. In fact one currently popular author (Brian Greene, Elegant Universe) repeats the theory that all bodies of matter are traveling at lightspeed all the time! And there have been experimental observations that have been interpreted such as to appear to support these statements, but I will show that far more logical explanations are available.

Using this invalid analogy of the boat for waves, Michelson and Morley predicted their experiment would detect the aether wind, if it existed. But I will show that the compression / extension of waves in this setup, exactly compensates for their expected Transit Time differential / Phase Shift, holding the total number of waveforms on the 180o folded path of the MM Ex constant. Therefore, the Michelson Morley Experiment of 1887 was incapable of detecting the aether wind if it did exist.

This fatally flawed MM Experiment was almost single-handedly responsible for the ejection of the aether from Theoretical Physics. It was apparently supported by the Non-Skewed Light Waves Experiment, which states that if water waves in a river are washed downstream, then light waves moving across an aether wind must also be deflected (skewed) downwind. But the analogy is again flawed. Water is a granular medium, whereas I take the aether to be a taut-elastic 3-dimensional web-fabric having structural integrity. And because the aether is an optical medium, I have shown that the light waves can refract into the effectively denser upwind side of the optical medium that is the aether. And this refraction angle depends upon the velocity and angle of attack of the aether wind, exactly nulling the tendency of the light waves to be skewed downwind.

These two flawed experiments are the only indicators in all of Theoretical Physics history to reject the existence of the aether as the wave medium for electromagnetic waves. But all other experiments and observations indicate that it must exist.

There is therefore no standing argument against the existence of the aether, regardless of over a century of education and statements abolishing it. On the other hand, even Einstein said in his later years, that the aether must exist, because electromagnetic phenomena require it. And note that in a universe lacking a substrate upon which physics (physical) laws can be based, neither Einstein nor anyone else has been able to construct a Grand Unified Field Theory Of Everything. But in JR Redbourne’s General Theory Of Universe Structure And Dynamics, every outstanding quandary of Theoretical Physics, Quantum Mechanics and Cosmology is answered logically using ordinary university-taught physics. There are no "factors" or "constants" needed, because everything fits almost axiomatically.

Because there is no standing argument against the aether, I can re-insert it and see what happens to the explanations of observed phenomena. For instance, Michelson also did a very famous Speed-of-Light experiment, which also used a 180o-folded path on which the same sort of null balance was inadvertently achieved. And therefore, because of the equal and opposite compensation of the two legs, if we transport the setup at any velocity, lightspeed is always measured as the same value. And any observer, or several observers moving at different velocities will also see the same lightspeed while looking at the same demonstration simultaneously. This is absolutely true, because lightspeed is constant in its wave medium; the aether, and the experiment’s 180o-folded path automatically compensates for all velocities of setup and observers.

But then the bizarre conclusion was drawn that light is the same relative (Einstein’s Relativity) velocity for all observers, regardless of their different velocities from the demonstration, and different velocities from each other, even for a one-way, non-folded path! This is taught today, and it is absolutely false. There is no legitimate ground whatever to extrapolate the conclusion that what is true for a 180o-folded path is also true for each leg individually.

The invalidation of the Michelson Morley Experiment of 1887, and the consequent re-installation of the aether into Theoretical Physics, is the basis for JR Redbourne’s General Theory Of Universe Structure And Dynamics. This is the Grand Unified Field Theory Of Everything.

If you’re a physics expert, the Short Form Michelson Morley Experiment of 1887 Invalidation is available to save you time. It assumes the reader to already be familiar with the MM Experiment, and boat analogy of differential Transit Time.

If you’re a bit rusty in physics, or not familiar with the MM experiment, Complete Explanation is available to recall the necessary basics. Anyone with one year of high school physics can follow it. It explains the MM Experiment concept, then proceeds with the invalidation and some of the ramifications.

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