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Oxford and Cambridge Compilers Limited (OCCL) was formed in 1994 to further develop and promote the compiler technology created by its directors. This technology had since 1984 received commercial exploitation through Algol Applications Limited.

Our principal product is our Algol 68 compiler which is available for the following platforms:

We have also developed a compiler for the Inmos Transputer family (T800 and T9000) and would welcome enquiries about support for any platforms not listed above.

If you are interested in programming languages, we have a white paper about Algol 68 which also discusses our implementation for OS/2.

We have also developed high-performance Fortran 90 compilers in conjunction with and marketed by N.A.Software Ltd. This uses the same core technology as our Algol 68 compilers.

We also publish Dr Sian Leitch's book "Programming Algol Made Easy" which may be ordered separately.

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