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Rough, hip shakin', harp wailin', barely on the edge of control, Farlow continues to boogie, shout and testify his way through rousing programs of his own material, showing the world that neither the years nor the miles have dimmed his fire and passion for performing, but rather have merely served to enhance it. From his early days as lead singer/songwriter of the seminal Alternative Country group, Commander Cody and His Lost Planet Airmen, Billy C has never wavered from his musical convictions to "get 'em up and keep 'em jumpin'!"

Welcome to my web site!

Hi folks. Welcome to my web site! As my man Dracula once said, "Enter freely and of your own will." I've prepared a package of varied points of interest from my checkered career that I believe will entertain, edify, and fill your hearts with wonder.


Click below to sample a new offering from Billy C's soon-to-be-released CD extravanganza!

Tennessee Saturday Night
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Only recently have I paused long enough to look back and reflect upon my fifty plus years of life. It's a scary thing and I don't recommend it for everybody. In my case it has resulted in the making of this web site and the compilation of a good deal of materials and artifacts, photos, journals, posters, T-shirts, tape recordings, empty whisky bottles, unpleasant legal documents, newspaper clippings and lots and lots of memories. I've had the good fortune to perform with and learn from many fine artists. I will state, unmistakably and with much braggadocio that I have clashed and embraced with the best and in my unquenchable zest for life, lived as much as a score of normal men. It is my intention to share with you as much as I can of my life and musical career. And you just wanted to buy a CD! Well, I got those too! So grab your mouse and click on!

Feel free to email me. I love to hear from old friends and new fans. I'm pretty good at answering my mail too, though it may take a while if I am on the road. I'm currently collecting old Billy C stories for my up coming autobiography, Too Much Fun, a Life of Music and Mayhem: so if you've got a story, no matter how sordid, (I can take it!), send it on over.

Thanks for checkin' in!

Billy C.

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