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In addition to searchable bibliographies, this KB site houses photographic essays and summaries of Burke's correspondence

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Welcome to the site associated with the Kenneth Burke Discussion List, KB (formerly Burke-L). KB's purpose is to foster the study, understanding, dissemination of, research on, critical analysis of, and preservation of the works of and about Kenneth Burke. A self-described "word-man" and auto-didact, Burke (1897-1993) lived his public life as a rhetorician, philosopher, critical theorist, literary critic, teacher, poet, novelist, composer, and punster.

And thus the conversations on KB range far afield. Here, you can find out how to subscribe to the list and review recent discussions on KB, read recent conference papers on Burke, keep abreast of upcoming conferences, learn about the Kenneth Burke Society, and find links to sites of related interest.

"Taking Burke On(line): The Kenneth Burke Bibliography and Archival Project" is a new initiative to bring work by and about Kenneth Burke to the web. The project was unveiled at the 1999 Triennial Conference of the Kenneth Burke Society in May, 1999.

Users will want to note the appearance of searchable bibliographies (primary and secondary) on Burke, as well as a form for contributing to their updating.

The Conference Paper Repository will be quickly expanding as papers from the recent KBS and NCA conferences make their appearance online.

The Kenneth Burke Society, founded in 1984, is a non-profit organization incorporated in the State of New York since 1988. The Society has hundreds of members from a variety of academic disciplines, including English, Speech Communication, Sociology, Economics, Philosophy, Mass Communication, Religion, and Rhetoric. The Society publishes a newsletter and sponsors a triennial conference. Membership in the KB Society is open to any person or institution interested in promoting the Society's purposes.


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