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Welcome to Behind The Dumpster .com, an on-line community sharing pictures, rants, thoughts, and other expressions of themselves. What goes on behind each member's dumpster is their own business, and if you would like to sneak a peek, then you do so at your own risk. You might find some random thoughts, pictures of far off places, rants about certain government policies or whatever. The best part about all of this, is that if you have an opinion on any of it, you can say it by submitting a comment.
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What's behind the dumpster is dependent on the owner of the dumpster. One might use it to share pictures of vacations, another might use it for thoughts on topics and random ideas, or another to keep in touch with family and friends across the country or down the street.
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Yes and no. The truth is, it's all up to the dumpster owner what goes into their dumpster. It is completely their own.
     .: what's with the dumpster then? :.
Nothing more than a symbolic representation of a place where one puts things that other people can look through and enjoy as well.
     .: do i need to know HTML to use it then? :.
Not at all, that's one of the major ideas behind this site. If you can fill out web forms, then you have enough knowledge to run your own dumpster.
Even creating an image gallery is relatively simple. Just use a web form to select all the raw .JPG files on your local computer to upload them and then basically hit a button to make your new gallery or add to an existing one. It is honestly that simple. No reason to know HTML, photo editing software, FTP, or any traditional methods of web page generation.
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Currently the site is in beta testing mode but is ready for general membership. Simply sign up for a user name. To do so, either click here or follow the request link in the menu to the left. To view a current member's account, click on their user-name under the Members list.
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