HIVECACHE Software, Inc.

HiveCache Software, Inc. provides a grid storage software platform that creates a low cost, self-managing, and content aware storage network for data protection, compliance, and information lifecycle management.

Grid storage for enterprise backups & storage services

HiveCache's revolutionary SwarmBackup and SwarmStorage technology give you high-reliability backup/restore and data storage services by storing data in the free disk space on desktop PCs in your enterprise.  HiveCache technology uses peer-to-peer technology to build a reliable and fault-tolerant distributed storage mesh for your backup data, eliminating the network bottlenecks usually associated with network backup systems and without forcing you to purchase costly server storage that will quickly become obsolete.  Increase the ROI on infrastructure you have already paid for and put your extra desktop storage capacity to good use with HiveCache data storage technology. 

       Distributed disk-based backups eliminates the IT cost for restoring lost files and keeps users productive instead of waiting around for critical data to be restored from backup tapes. 

        Scaleable and Self-Managing Backup Solution - The HiveCache distributed agent architecture is self-organizing and uses policy-based decision-making by agents to virtually eliminate the IT management burden for this innovative backup solution. When you add a new PC to the network you do not increase your management costs, the new PC brings with it the additional disk space required and your users take over the daily management of the node.  

         Increase in scale increases efficiency - Increasing the size of your SwarmBackup network makes your backup solution more reliable and efficient, unlike other products where adding more PCs to the backup list increases the amount of storage that must be managed at a central location and backup windows that need to be juggled to eliminate network bottlenecks.  

         Turn lost data incidents into a user self-help operation - When files are lost on a PC the most critical need for your users is to restore a couple of files or folders that were being actively worked on when the system crashed or the files were lost due to "pilot error".  With HiveCache your users are up and running again in minutes with data from a version of their file stored in the HiveCache distributed backup mesh, eliminating lost user productivity and the time spent by IT staff tending to such requests.

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