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Election Results 2003
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Election Results 2003
The local election on May 1, 2003, saw Labour gain overall control of the Council.
Labour gained six seats from the Liberal Democrats, but the Liberal Democrats gained one seat from the Conservative Party.  The voting details are listed below by Ward.
The overall party status stands at:
Labour - 49 seats
Liberal Democrat - 36 seats
Conservative - 1 seat
Independent - 1 seat 
The city-wide turnout for the election was 29.53%, a slight decrease compared with the 30.02% turnout in 2002.

The general picture was that in the 15 wards where e-voting was available turnout either held its own or increased, whereas in the14 wards where only traditional methods of voting were available turnout decreased.  20,500 votes were cast electronically. Overall turnout in the e-voting wards was 32.5% with 37.05% of the votes in those wards being cast electronically.
Name Description Votes Cast
William John Lawrence Breakell (commonly known as BILL) The Labour Party Candidate  1297
Gordon Christopher Gregory The Conservative Party Candidate  675
Christina Jane Hespe  Green Party  335
Andrew Paul Sangar Liberal Democrat  2522
Turnout: 34% Ward Status: Lib Dem hold Majority: 1225
Bryan Gerard Lodge
The Labour Party Candidate
Votes Cast
Evelyn Millward The Conservative Party Candidate  415
Judith Mary Webster Liberal Democrat   814
Turnout: 26% Ward Status: Lab Gain Majority: 1578
 Name Description  Votes Cast
 Brian Bernhard Fischer Socialist Labour Party  109
 Christopher Neil Hartigan British National Party  587
 Patrick Joseph Maloney The Conservative Party  Candidate  297
 Michael Joseph Reynolds Liberal Democrat  373
 John Webster The Labour Party Candidate  1859
Turnout: 28.7% Ward Status: Lab hold Majority: 1272
 Name Description  Votes Cast
 Gillian Mary Booth Green Party  561
 Terence Cooper The Labour Party Candidate  704
 Janice Margaret Sidebottom  Liberal Democrat  2100
 Matthew George Wilson
The Conservative Party Candidate
 Turnout: 26.3% Ward Status: Lib Dem hold  Majority: 1396
Name Description  Votes Cast
Alison Jane Brown Socialist Alliance - Welfare not Warfare  203
Nicholas Christopher James Bryan The Conservative Party Candidate  239
Joanna Maria Hoogvelt Liberal Democrat  508
Stephen Christopher Jones  The Labour Party Candidate  1347
Christopher John Sissons Green Party  215
Turnout: 28.9% Ward Status: Lab hold  Majority: 839
 Name Description  Votes Cast
 Michael Francis Coleman Liberal Democrat  316
 Patricia Anne Midgley The Labour Party Candidate  1402
 Graham Stephen Wroe Green Party  273
 Michael Anthony Young The Conservative Party Candidate  166
 Turnout: 26.9%  Ward Status: Lab Hold  Majority: 1086
 Name Description  Votes Cast
 Graham Oxley Liberal Democrat  2056
 Craig Andrew Scaman Green Party  204
 Sheila Constance Tyler Labour Party Candidate  1885
 Miles David Anthony Waters  The Conservative Party Candidate  343
 Turnout: 24.7% Ward Status: Lib Dem hold  Majority: 171
 Name Description  Votes Cast
 Jonathan William Arnott United Kingdom Independence Party  335
 Linda Shirley Duckenfield Green Party  130
 Mary Lea The Labour Party Candidate  1907
 Gordon Ronald Millward Conservative Party Candidate  290
 Shaffaq Mohammed Liberal Democrat  1053
 Turnout:  28.3% Ward Status: Lab Gain  Majority: 854
 Name Description  Votes Cast
 Dawn Biram Green Party  216
 David Edward Crosby The Labour Party Candidate  926
 Keith Leonard Hill Liberal Democrat  3278
 Michael Julian Christopher Waters The Conservative Party Candidate  2401
 Turnout: 46.3% Ward Status: Lib Dem hold  Majority: 877
 Name Description  Votes Cast
 Sidney Clifford Cordle
The Conservative Party Candidate
 John Anthony Darwin The Labour Party Candidate   788
 Sylvia Jane Dunkley Liberal Democrat  3698
 Gemma Lock Green Party  471
 Turnout: 47.3% Ward Status: Lib Dem hold Majority: 1586
 Name Description  Votes Cast
 Anthony Holmes
Liberal Democrat
 Mohammad Ilyas Khan The Labour Party Candidate  1585
 Steven Marshall Green Party  288
 Neville Paling The Conservative Party Candidate  307
 Turnout: 25.4% Ward Status: Lab hold  Majority: 1016
 Name Description  Votes Cast
 Dennis James Brown The Labour Party Candidate  977
 Leonard John Hesketh Liberal Democrat  3338
 Robert Murphy Green Party  391
 Alan Ryder The Conservative Party Candidate  1985
 Turnout: 46% Ward Status: Lib Dem hold  Majority: 1353
Name Description  Votes Cast
Marjorie Barker The Labour Party Candidate  2209
Laurence George Eyes Hayward The Conservative Party Candidate  293
Derek Anthony Hutchinson British National Party  402
Charlotte Elizabeth Schofield United Kingdom Independence Party  54
Elsie Smith Independent  237
Gail Alice Smith Liberal Democrat  418
 Turnout: 26% Ward Status: Lab hold  Majority: 1791
Name Description  Votes Cast
Trevor Henry Grant The Conservative Party Candidate  383
Theresa Hainey
(commonly known as TESSA)
Liberal Democrat  1442
Richard Anthony Pitt Socialist Alliance - Welfare Not Warfare   202
Raja Mohammed Shaffique The Labour Party Candidate  1339
Robert Dudley Unwin
(commonly known a, s ROB)
Green Party  511
 Turnout: 31%  Ward Status: Lib Dem Hold  Majority: 103
Name Description  Votes Cast
Janet Pleasance Bragg The Labour Party Candidate 1787
Christopher Michael McMahon Green Party  271
Vickie Priestley Liberal Democrat  1581
Thomas Leslie Seaton Official Conservative Candidate  378
Turnout: 29% Ward Status: Lab gain  Majority: 206
 Name , Description  Votes Cast
 John Campbell The Labour Party Candidate 2027
 Philip Craig Kirby The Conservative Party Candidate  367
 Frank Taylor Liberal Democrat 1049
 Eamonn Charles Ward Green Party 224 
 Name Description  Votes Cast
Gillian Furniss Labour Party Candidate  1354
 Peter Huntsman Liberal Democrat  265
 Andrew John Watson The Conservative Party Candidate  183
 Turnout:  22.3% Ward Status:   Lab Hold  Majority: 1089
Name Description  Votes Cast
Shirley Diane Clayton The Conservative Party Candidate  1084
Terence McElligott Liberal Democrat  1405
Christopher Charles Rosling- Josephs The Labour Party Candidate  3119
Turnout: 21.3% Ward Status: Lab hold  Majority: 1714
 Name  Description  Votes Cast
James Gerard Lafferty
(Commonly known as JIM)
Labour Party Candidate  1314
Quari Muhammad Siddique The Conservative Party Candidate  382
Mervyn John Smith Green Party  681
Patricia Ann White Liberal Democrat  2476
Turnout: 39.33% Ward Status: Lib Dem hold  Majority: 1162
 Name Description  Votes Cast
 Peter Rippon The Labour Party Candidate  2103
 Marie Jane Weston The Conservative Party Candidate  317
 Allan Thomas Wisbey Liberal Democrat   456
 Turnout: 26% Ward Status: Lab hold  Majority: 1647
Name Description  Votes Cast
Stephen Ayris
(commonly known as STEVE) 
Liberal Democrat  1334
Bernard James Little Green Party  648
Rosemary Telfer The Labour Party Candidate   1044
Paul Anthony Wallace The Conservative Party Candidate  164
Turnout: 26.7% Ward Status:  Lib Dem gain  Majority: 290
 Name Description  Votes Cast
 Ian Auckland
Liberal Democrat
 Peter Richard Smith The Conservative Party Candidate  325
 Beverley Ann Wright The Labour Party Candidate  1534
 Turnout: 31.5% Ward Status: Lab Gain  Majority: 27
 Name Description  Votes Cast
 Eric Kirby The Conservative Party Candidate   292
 Valerie Moffett Liberal Democrat  454
 Mark Michael Wilde The Labour Party Candidate  2112
 Turnout: 27.6% Ward Status: Lab hold Majority: 1658
 Name Description  Votes Cast
 Amanda Jayne Gregory The Conservative Party Candidate   102
 John Robson The Labour Party Candidate   1252
 Louise Truman Liberal Democrat   307
 Terence Cyril Wykes The Socialist Alternative Candidate    87
 Turnout: 20% Ward Status:  Lab Gain Majority: 945
 Name Description  Votes Cast
 Jillian Margaret Creasy Green Party   686
 Haq Nawaz Liberal Democrat  678
 Mohammad Nazir The Labour Party Candidate  1288
 Ian Allan Ramsay The Conservative Party Candidate  289
 Angela Margaret Shann Socialist Alliance - Welfare Not Warfare  120
 Turnout: 27.1% Ward Status: Lab hold  Majority: 602
 Name Description  Votes Cast
 David Walton Baker Liberal Democrat  2640
 Alexander Leonard Carroll The Conservative Party Candidate  832
 Adele Jagger The Labour Party Candidate  2002
 Turnout: 29.1% Ward Status: Lib Dem hold  Majority: 638
 Name Description  Votes Cast
 John Cyril Bowden Liberal Democrat   241
 Anthony Damms The Labour Party Candidate  1707
 Kevin John Mahoney The Conservative Party Candidate  181
 Turnout: 23.6% Ward Status: Lab hold  Majority: 1466
 Name Description  Votes Cast
 Paula Lindsay Axelby The Conservative Party Candidate   177
 Martin John Davis Liberal Democrat  1383
 Angela Roberts Green Party  175
 Sandra White
The Labour Party Candidate 
 Turnout: 25% Ward Status: Lib Dem Hold Majority: 472
 Name Description  Votes Cast
 Nicola Jane Freeman Green Party  517
 Jonathan Graham Harston Liberal Democrat  1690
 Abdul Khayum The Labour Party Candidate  1302
 Peter Charles Clayton Smith The Conservative Party Candidate  265
 Turnout: 28.9% Ward Status: Lib Dem hold Majority: 388

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