Update by Sheldan Nidle for the Spiritual Hierarchy and the Galactic Federation

       1 Cib, 14 Kumku, 11 Ik        

Greetings! We come before you, dear Hearts! The events of your day are irrefutably moving forward. Now, we wish to discuss the various transitional steps that you will encounter in the very near future. At present, critical events are occurring according to plan. The dark cabal, which we are limiting, realizes that it will meet its demise very soon. The noose is tightening, allowing our earthly allies to assist us in implementing the plans for the next phases of your transition. These stages center on the beginning of first contact and the release of an astonishing array of exotic equipment. These technologies will end your dependence on fossil fuels; restore your polluted environment and offer you a revolutionary new communication and transportation modality. Moreover, governments will become more accessible. Instead of being willing tools of a small group of the rich and powerful, they will be answerable to an involved citizenry. The Ascended Masters of your world have long foreseen this as the moment in your history when such a transition can take effect.

      This process will be possible as a result of two important conditions. First, all large, multinational corporations will be re-chartered and split into smaller, more utilitarian companies. Any possible interaction with government will be very strictly regulated. Second, general abundance, and an environment in which government coincides with your general life purpose will become quite commonplace. This will be made even easier by a new communication modality, which will enable you to connect easily with government and closely monitor its daily interactions with its citizens. No branch of government will be immune to full disclosure of its activities. Moreover, a series of support groups in every community, analyzing and offering suggestions to each branch of government, will form a bridge between the knowledge you have now and your future galactic society. It is most crucial for you to involve yourselves in what you enjoy because, in this way, you will be able to establish a government that truly serves its people.

      The process of enlarging the way a government relates to its subjects began with the Ascended Masters more than 2500 years ago. Government has moved from an authoritarian model, with origins in Ancient Greece, to one that, in principle, is accountable to its citizens. Since its inception, the definition of a citizen and the concept of inalienable rights have been greatly expanded. The American Constitution, through its 'Bill of Rights', broadened it further. Although, in the past two hundred years, the concept of a people-run government has become the norm, the immense increase in wealth during this same period has severely challenged the efficacy of these concepts. Now, the moment has arrived when a countermeasure to this explosion of wealth in the hands of the few can be taken. The means by which this will be achieved is the release of an enormous program of abundance that the Ascended Masters first put forward more than 250 years ago. Plans organized by our earthly allies in the past few decades have supported this program. Now, with the maturing of these instruments of wealth, the final stage of the process will fall into place.

      More than the release of an enormous sum of money, this operation entails a new system of governance. It also includes an expanded concept of citizenship, based upon personal sovereignty and individual responsibility. Each citizen will have the capability and the time to interact with government. The key word here is 'activation'. You will become powerful initiators of the things governments do: you will become their 'watchdogs'. You will have the power to affect this process and create a government that can truly serve you. Out of this mix will emerge a new global web that allows your planetary society to 'remake' itself. This web, with local nodes centered in your communities, will alter government and generate a new partnership. That partnership will be the aforementioned transition between the present and your soon-to-be new galactic society!

      Ultimately, human galactic society on Sirius, the Pleiades, Andromeda and Lyra is based on the contributions made by each individual. The power of your sovereignty cannot be understated. The process through which you are now passing is mainly designed to empower you. This empowerment has taken many forms, most important of which is to demonstrate how a huge redistribution of your planet's monetary wealth will alter many millennia of disempowerment. You have crucial choices to make that will allow your planetary society to change for the better. Out of this progression, a magnificent new world will be born. Our part is to assist our earthly allies in advising you on the particulars. This advice will take several forms. Moreover, the Ascended Masters are keenly interested in the success of this process. Our broadcasts and bulletins and our liaisons will promote a plan that will interact with you in a very loving and positive way.

      Your future environment will empower you and end your isolation from your spiritual and galactic families. The Ascended Masters will mentor you. Eventually, they will extend their mentoring to include every element of this first contact fleet. The fleet is highly diverse. In acceptable ways, its many members want you to understand your new responsibilities. They also wish to enlarge your concept of Life, and how it functions throughout this enormous galaxy and the infinite expanses of physical Creation. You, dear Hearts, are most beloved members of this galaxy. We possess full knowledge of your glorious destiny. Before that can occur, you need to have a better understanding of your illustrious place in it. In this position, you will bring peace and a new series of alliances to this segment of physicality.

      This process of change is deeply linked to present events in your world. Be aware, dear Ones, that a lengthy series of secret communiqués, actions and procedures are putting intense pressure on your last dark cabal. Their inability to weather this onslaught is expected to lead to their imminent demise. This process is allowing a great many powerful individuals on your world to join together to form a positive coalition that will change the way your world works. At this point, we need to ask you to absorb the enormous amount of information without seeking violent 'revenge' on this last cabal. They carried out their despicable deeds to maintain their current positions. Their scheme will fail! In its stead, we ask you to be aware that, ultimately, divine justice, under the guidance of the Ascended Masters, will hand down a divinely acceptable decision on these matters.

      As we have said before, you will have many more responsibilities and your present reality's core perceptions will increase dramatically. They will come upon you like 'miracles from Heaven'. Again, we ask you to be prepared for these extraordinary events. They are meant to be part of the present and future worlds that are beginning to manifest around you. As they enlarge, they will engulf your reality and change it for the better. Those who are truly mindful of the hidden meanings behind these events should come forward and help your community. Many will be unaware of what actually has transpired. To do this will be the first phase of the activation to which we referred earlier in this message. Remember that the approaching events of this day are intended solely to complete a process that the Ascended Masters began many millennia ago.

      Today, we have spoken more about events occurring, now, upon your world. Once again, we ask you simply to remain focused, centered and wholly committed to our common cause. That cause will result in inevitable victory for all! Of utmost importance is that you are ready to proceed in a divine, gracious and most appropriate way. We now take our leave. Blessings, dear Ones! Know, in your Heart of Hearts, that the endless Supply and ceaseless Prosperity of Heaven is yours! So Be It! Selamat Gajun! Selamat Kasijaram! (Sirian for Be One! Be Blessed in Love and in Joy!)

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