15th June 2004

Gauntlet Entertainment was formed in 1996 and is a wholly owned subsidiary of Pinnacle Entertainment.

It was formed to further enhance the strong exclusive distribution model that Pinnacle Software have supplied to the UK Software market since 1992, and succeeded in doing so with ground breaking deals with Sierra, NovaLogic, THQ International, CDV Software and many other International Publishing houses.
This pioneering concept is now the de facto distribution model operated by the majority of major software publishers in the UK, and Gauntlet Entertainment continues to supply a high quality and efficient service.

Gauntlet Entertainment offers both sales and logistics solutions to its publishing partners, and is able to penetrate a wider retail audience than any of its competitors due to the breadth of product available through the Pinnacle group, which includes trading cards, merchandise, music, DVD's and of all the software supplied by our sister company Pinnacle Software. Gauntlet Entertainment has been associated with many of the top brands in the market place, including WWE Smackdown!, Cossacks, Rugrats, Warcraft, Half Life, Scooby Doo, Tetris and many more.

Completely format independent, our sales representation is publisher focused, aimed at maximising sales for our partners, and by supplying them with the most accurate market information on their products.
Our current roster includes BAM! Entertainment, CDV Software, Disky, Metro 3D, Monte Cristo, Productive Play Company, Kaz and Thrustmaster.

For further information on how Gauntlet Entertainment can assist your UK sales activities please contact Graham Chambers, Managing Director.