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Corporation Park Building / Mega-iAdvantage Building


SingTel Hong Kong has Data Centres in Shatin (New Territory) and Chai Wan, Hong Kong Island. In Shatin district, it is located in Corporation Park Building. In Chai Wan district, it is located in Mega-iAdvantage Building. Both Data Centres are in the heart of industrial districts in Hong Kong.

The Data Centres offer customers flexibility and scalability from entry-level rack space to caged area, to customised Data Centre rooms (Private Vaults).




Equipped with fully redundant n+1 UPS
 Fully redundant power distribution systems with two diverse power feeds
 Up to thirty-minutes full load battery backup to allow for generator startup and synchronisation
 Multiple generators to provide emergency power with backup fuel

Fire Suppression

FM200 dry fire suppression system in all data centre areas
SystemNetwork-monitored, fully integrated fire system (VESDA) to detect, notify and perform controlled shutdown

Environmental /
24x7 Air-conditioning with redundant units
Climate Control 24x7 Temperature and Humidity Control (CRAC) in all Data Centre areas to maintain temperatures at 21°C (+/- 1°C), while relative humidity is kept at 50% (+/- 5%)
 Environmental system backed up by emergency generator power
 Raised floor designed with at least 400mm (Shatin) or 500mm (Chai Wan) airflow space to provide efficient cooling

Facility Security
Biometric scanners to prevent tampering of equipment within the Data Centres
 Contact-less card access systems have also been installed in various locations to prevent unauthorised access
 Intruder alarm system
 24x7 Physical security monitored by security guards
 24x7 Closed Circuit TV (CCTV) monitoring system with digital recording
 Secure and monitored access via customer access list and escorted visitations

Call Management
24x7 Local Helpdesk
And Incident-24x7 Network Operations Centre (NOC)
Tracking System24x7 On-site support operations
 Full-time proactive monitoring systems