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“Incredible Way To Increase My Traffic And Profits!”

"This viral marketing tool is incredible! I've never seen anything like it before. I now have a way to brand my ZIP files and drive even more targeted traffic to my sites, while increasing my back-end profits. I highly recommend your product to anyone selling digital products online."

Michael Rasmussen
BulletProof Marketing, Inc.

“Don’t Let Money Slip Through Your Fingers!”


What a fantastic concept! Branding of the zip file itself is absolutely revolutionary! You've developed the PERFECT product at exactly the right time. Zip Brander is a tool EVERYONE can benefit from...not just the authors of digital products. I've never come across a product with such explosive upside potential....the perfect viral tool.

All online marketers should have Zip Brander at the top of their advertising arsenal. If they don't, they are simply letting money slip through their fingers!

Dennis Hardy

From:  Russell Brunson
Re: How To Explode Your Sales And Profits With ZERO Extra Effort!

Dear Marketing Friend,

Regardless of what you’re marketing on the internet, leveraging on your resources is the ONLY guaranteed way to maximize your results with a lot less work….

I call it “working smarter”, a lot smarter.

If you're sick of getting lousy results from your marketing efforts, I have great news for you today that can reward you more traffic and sales than you ever imagined...

Really think about this for a second...

Have you ever wondered how much money other people are making from you when you give away their ebooks, software, reports and eCourses.. in fact any downloadable file?   

Look, let's face it...

10 times out of 10 you've offered a free report, ebook or piece of software to your list, visitors or even your friends and family.

I bet you've never really stopped to think for a moment :  just how much money is being made by the other people who wrote those ebooks and reports from your efforts!

Let me explain...

If you're an affiliate or reseller for someone else's products, or if you have your own list or ezine, chances are, you provide resources (like the ebooks and reports we spoke about) to build trust, relationships or to increase profits.

But hold on for a second... it usually stops right there, doesn't it?  The product (whether it's software, an e-book or a membership site) is usually chocked full of links for the author's backend offers.

There's nothing wrong with that.  You do make a nice profit on each frontend sale.  But, unless you've purchased rebranding rights (which are expensive), it just stops there.  Meaning, your total profit stops right there!

But now…there’s finally an ingeniusly simple way for you to profit from these very resources you provide anyway!

It’s a no-brainer...

Every time you give away a digital product, someone will download it…

What if you could smartly insert an eye-catching but simple profit generating ad, image or link in to your visitors or subscribers EVERY time they download your information?

I’ll show you how to skyrocket your profits without you lifting a finger - 100% guaranteed!

Let me put it rather bluntly to you:

You’re leaving easy money on the table for someone else by not acting on this powerful information!

Face the facts…people are downloading files online everyday anyway, and every second you are’nt taking full advantage of this fact is a dollar in lost profits to your bottom line...

Now with the revolutionary Zip Brander, you can convert ANY file into 24/7 money-making, traffic-bursting machines anytime!

Unleashing the revolutionary...

ZIP Brander!

How To Finally Generate Autopilot Profits AND Put An End To The Money Leak - By Placing YOUR OWN Offers In Front Of Everyone Who Downloads Your Files!



“Zip, Brand And Make More Profits Instantly!”


Hi Russell, astonishing...'Zip Brander' is simply an ingenious piece of work, I’m surprised you pulled this off!

You’ve allow marketers to finally squeeze more automatic *backend profits* from a seemingly normal activity like zipping a file.

Everyone should take advantage of this no-brainer profit-churning tool immediately...

I mean, are they really happy leaving money on the table? Zip, brand and make more profits instantly!

Ewen Chia
Instant Marketing Secrets


With ZipBrander, your ads are being delivered at the perfect time!

ZipBrander introduces your offers at the perfect time to magnetize massive profits for you…whilst the action’s still hot.

Imagine this…

Your customers have just purchased your products and have their credit cards available, getting ready to download their purchases…and while they’re doing this…pop! Your  ad appears from thin air within that downloadable file…while they’re still in the purchasing mood…it’s the perfect time to strike!

The same goes for resources your list members and visitors download…your ‘hidden’ ad is strategically shown at a perfect time while they’re still in the same frame of mind to accept another exciting, quality offer from you!

You can do these hands-free, profit-driven promotions instantly with ZipBrander:

o        Selling an e-book about autoresponders? Brand the file with your affiliate link to a popular autoresponder service!

o        How about an ad tracker program? Insert your affiliate link to a top notch e-book.

o        If you are selling any "how to" products, include an instant link to a complementary solution.

o        Promoting membership sites?  Include a link to your favorite web tools.

o        Create a lead generation “freebie" (I love this one)…Compile a group of your favorite articles, zip'em up and brand the entire package with a complimentary service!

o        Look, the possibilities are endless!


…and it’s not over, far from that. Here’s how you can immediately at least double your money with your own products

How To Double Your Profits With Instant Upgrade Offers
Branded Into Your Own Product Download Files!

Are you serious about creating explosive backend profits? It’s ultra simple!

If you sell your own products, membership sites or offer any kind of web based services, ZipBrander is a perfect tool for you to add more profits and produce bigger sales by embedding upgrade offers right into your files.

Heck, even if you sell reprint rights packages, this tool is an instant money multiplier for you

Simply place a second upgrade offer in your product download file…it’s guaranteed to send your profits into overdrive!

“Best Product I’ve Bought!”

Russell, ZipBrander is the best product that I have bought so far in 2004.  No, make that the best product that I have bought so far!  It has accounted for at least 25 new signups to my newsletter and I have only been using it a very short period of time.

ZipBrander is easy to use and give me at least 2 more chances to advertise my product!

Lewis Leake,Jr.

Zip Brander is THE perfect way to place your second offer in front of your customers’ eyes while they’re in the buying mood!

I’ve barely scratched the surface of what ZipBrander will do for you…so far we’ve only talked about using it to:

·         Place Your Offer VIRALLY In Front Of Thousands - Give away Free reports and ebooks that other people will also give away.  Each person that gets your Free report or ebook will also see your embedded offers.

·         Double Your Product Sales Instantly - Offer upgrades and add-ons while your customers still have their credit card in their hands.

·         Multiply Your Affiliate Commissions - Add your affiliate links to all you files.  Every time someone downloads your offer, they're exposed to your affiliate link. 

·         Add New Subscribers By The Thousands - Zip Brand a subscription page for your ezine or optin list.  Give away the file and watch the subscribers roll in.  Allow others to give away the same offer and multiply your subscribers by the thousands. 

·         Produce Massive Profits With No Effort - Zip Brander it, and forget it!!!  After you have a few Branded files out there, other people will start to give your files too.  They will give away the files with your embedded offers and the software does the rest. 

·         Strategically Increases Your Offers Visibility - The Zip Brander strategically places your offer in front of your prospects and customers - in the right place at the right time. 

·         Make Money From ZipBrander itself - Simply add your own ZipBrander affiliate ID to the software…and anytime someone gets one of your files and clicks to learn more about Zip Brander, you get the commission for the sale made, cool!

·         Grab Instant "Backend" Profits - Add your offer to your own products, reprint rights and downloads to build massive hands-free backend profits.

·         Double Your Cash Flow  - With Zip Brander doing all of the work for you and placing your offers in front of thousands of people over and over again, you will start to see your cash flow double or even triple in some cases without work!

The only limits to putting more money into your pockets is your imagination.


Here’s a quick visual treat:

Simply put, Zip Brander takes any file and turns it into an exe file. When someone clicks on that exe file, a screen pops up displaying your ad. They see your ad before they see the product.

Here is a visual screenshot example from one of the files I send my customers. Remember, they see my ad BEFORE they even download the products:

Can you see what’s happening here?

I’m signing up my customers to my other ezine…completely without effort! 

With ZipBrander’s revolutionary technology, you can finally direct masses of eager prospects to your favorite affiliate program, or get more profits on the backend. The possibilities are literally unlimited.

Plus, you can instantly make auto-pilot 2-tier affiliate commissions for ZipBrander itself by inserting YOUR ZipBrander affiliate ID to each file!

Here’s how it works in a nutshell:

Branding your files with Zip Brander is very simple.  Here’s how:


After you have created the pop-up window, select which files or folders you want to brand.  Zip Brander then compresses the files and brands them with your personalized message:

Try it out now:

See for yourself what Zip Brander can do.  It is specifically designed for Internet Marketers, Affiliate marketers and List Owners who sell or give away digital products. 

"Take Zip Brander For A Test Drive"

See for yourself what ZipBrander can do for you.  Fill in your name and email address, and we will send you a tutorial that will show how easy it is to use, and powerful this new viral marketing tool really is!

First Name:
Email Address:


 Multiply Your Affiliate Commissions!”

Hey Russell

must say, very impressive!

The Zip Brander is something that WILL add more profits to anyone's bottom line if they use it.

Affiliate marketers alone can now start to multiply their commissions and target their prospects with this tool!

I recommend that every product owner, list owner and affiliate marketer get a copy of ZipBrander NOW - -

- Raymond McNally

 “The Most Original Idea I’ve Seen All Year!”

Russell, Oh My Gosh!

This is the most original idea I have seen all year.  I have counted how many zip files are on my site and it is an astounding 47.  I have started zipping every one.  It just helps my backend sales and I want to just start giving stuff away free.  Plus the viral affiliate program you have built in is a huge winner.  This little gem will be making anyone who uses it some nice easy money.  I am going to recommend it to all of my members.  Wow, Wow, Wow!!!

Mike Filsaime 

“This Will Revolutionalize Internet Marketing...”

Hi Russell,

You're software absolutely ROCKS!  As far as I'm concerned it's the most innovative thing to hit the Internet ALL year! And that's quite a compliment considering the many awesome programs that were released. 
The most exciting thing about your software is that it gives every marketer the opportunity to offer to "Super-Size" the customer's order while the customer is still in the buying mood and sitting there holding their credit card.  Simply brilliant!  You've got a viral winner here that will unquestionably revolutionize Internet marketing.  Excellent job!

 “Brilliant Idea!”

Hi Russell

I had to let you know that you've come up with a winner with Zip Brander. What a brilliant idea! It's easy to use and very easy to add promos to. Looks great, does the job and a little bit of advertising goes a long way. I'm going to go and re-zip all my zip files with Zip Brander right now!

I love it! Keep up the good work.

Warm regards
Eva Browne-Paterson

Publisher, EvieB's New-Z

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 “Backend Profits Possible Even Without Your Own Products!”

Hi Russell,

I couldn't wait to write you to let you know what an ingenious tool you have created. I wish I would have thought of it first.  This tool is especially going to help affiliates who do not have a product of their own, create back end sales to their customers. The possibilities are endless. Magnificently done Russell!
Arnold Moulinet

“A Real Winner”


I think you have a real winner!  I've been playing around with your new zip brander this AM and do believe it's the best idea I've seen in quite some time.  I'm so glad you thought of this very useful tool.  Take care and keep up the good work.

Pat Vojtaskovic 


So you see, I’ve shown you almost every conceivable way ZipBrander generates extra profits for you automatically…it’s YOUR TURN to grab a copy of the Internet’s most powerful secret weapon…you’ll be thanking me for years to come! 

If you're looking for THE tool to take your marketing to the next level easily, ZipBrander’s the answer. And just to proof how sincere I’m to make sure you’ve a chance to try it, I’m even willing to provide an instant savings right here:

Instant $30 Off If You Order Now!

Order today and Save $30.  During our pre-launch, your copy of ZipBrander’s only $97 $67.00!   Take advantage of this offer immediately as frankly, I’ll revert the price back to $97, or even $147 ANYTIME.

Wait, check this out, order with complete confidence :

The "Sure-Win!" Guarantee

Try Zip Brander at absolutely zero risk for 30 days and make all the extra profits you want with it…if you are not 100% satisfied we will cheerfully refund your purchase price – no ifs, no buts, just your money back!

Because You Are Getting Your Copy Of ZipBrander
Today, You Will Also Receive 3 Amazing Bonus Gifts Worth Well Over $5500.00+...

These 3 bonus gifts come with a total value of over $5,500.00 , and as long as you order with confidence today, you’re guaranteed to get them (as they may be removed from this offer anytime)!

Free Bonus #1 - Valued at over $147!

Confidential Internet Intelligence Manuscript
This confidential marketing information can increase your revenues by 412% or more.

If I could show you one simple technique that in 5 minutes would increase your Internet sales by 32% would you do it?

What if I had a collection of these techniques that took me years to test and perfect, would you want to use them?

Of course, and that's why people are going crazy about this. No other marketer has ever revealed information this sensitive. For years I've kept this information quiet.

by Mark Joyner, CEO,


Free Bonus #2 - Valued at $5,500!

Webmaster's Profit Pak

Don't have any quality products to brand with your new Zip Brander?  We've taken care of that also.  We'll give you...

Master Resell Rights To Over 50 brand new "must-have" software programs in one amazing package!



Free Bonus #3 - Valued at $69.77!

Biz Automator

New software automatically types answers to tedious tech support and customer service emails in just seconds! Increase your free time by 800%!

Finally, let me repeat what I explained at the top of this page: ZipBrander’s the absolutely easiest way to extra traffic, sales and profits you’d otherwise have lost anyway.

And…you will not find this revolutionary software anywhere else on the internet, so you may as well quit looking and ACT IMMEDIATELY.

Invest now. It's quick and simple. Just click on the order link below and you'll be taken to the 100% secure payment page. Once your order has been received, you'll get instant access to the private area where you can instantly download ZipBrander in less than 1 minute from now

Remember, you’ll can’t lose with our “sure-win’ 100% money back guarantee

Hit the "Click Here to Order Now!" button below, grab a copy of ZipBrander at your special discount, and start using this amazing profit-generating viral tool right away!


To your online success,

Russell Brunson
Founder, Zip Brander
A SublimeNet Company

P.S. This isn't just an ebook or other info product (not that I have anything against them).  ZipBrander is a powerful one-of-it’s-kind software you can actually USE to explode your online traffic, sales and profits in as little as 1 minute from now. Invest in this now and then, thank me later!

P.P.S. Urgent update: Due to the overwhelming response to this offer, the price could be raised to $97 as early as tomorrow. Don't delay! To lock in your savings immediately, click here now!

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