Being a Delegate
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To participate in the Business Sessions you must be a party member and you must be credentialed as a Delegate.


Delegates to the 2004 Libertarian Party National Convention are selected by the state affiliate parties and officially ‘credentialed’ at the Convention by the Credentials Committee.


Read the Party Bylaws and Convention Rules (Article 13) here:



#4 pertains to the formulas for Delegate allocation.  You can see the Delegate Allocation Table (requires Adobe Acrobat Reader) for a list of allocations by state, as determined by presidential votes cast in 2000 and the membership numbers as of October 31, 2003.


#7 pertains to the (3) “Convention Committees”, which are the Bylaws and Rules Committee, the Platform Committee and the Credentials Committee.


The interim Chair of the Bylaws and Rules Committee is Mark Nelson.


The interim Chair of the Credentials Committee is Gary Johnson.


The interim Chair of the Platform Committee is Michael Dixon.


Contact them directly if you have any specific questions about their committees.


Read more about who is on each Committee and when they will meet:


Bylaws and Rules Committee


Credentials Committee


Platform Committee

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