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We’d like as much as possible to help you Network at the Convention with other Libertarians in a variety of areas.



There will be some special events (social and business) just for our Student Libertarians.  Trevor Southerland is heading up this effort to gets the “kids” networking.  Here’s a message from him:

I would like to encourage all College and “younger” Libertarians to attend the 2004 National Convention in Atlanta.


Myself, along with Nancy Neale, Jim Lark and others look forward to seeing you all there.  We are currently in the process of organizing two separate events specifically designed for students.  One will be an informal get together to exchange ideas and get to know one another.  The second, more formal session, will be to help us develop our material for use in our colleges throughout the nation.


I hope you will come to Atlanta and show that the LP is the party of youth, and that we will continue to grow and prosper!


Please feel free to contact me; I always enjoy hearing from fellow college Libertarians and I so look forward to meeting you all in May.


In Liberty,

Trevor M. Southerland

Pres., Campus Libertarians - Tenn.-Chattanooga

Editor, Voice of Freedom, LPTN

Secretary, Hamilton Co. Libertarian Party, TN




If you are a parent bringing a teenager to the convention who is not interested in the political activities please contact Larry Christy at  His 15 year old son would prefer skateboarding over meetings.  Just provide your name, child's name, age and interests, and your contact info.  If there are several kids with similar interests he will put them in touch with each other and possibly organize some group activities.




We also hope to facilitate ride-sharing, room-sharing* and babysitting, through this website.  Let us know if you have any other ideas to add to this list and we’ll try to help.  Check back later to see if we get a process figured out! – OR volunteer to be the “go-to” person in one of these areas!


*Good News! - Joseph Henchman has agreed to help coordinate people interested in room-sharing.  E-mail him at or call him at (760) 390-1152 or (760) 945-2196.

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