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RenderP3D is a distributed ray-tracing application that renders complex 3D scenes in high quality with detailed lighting and shadows. The program renders an image from the desired point of view using data from the scene's geometric model, its materials, textures, and the light sources.

Suporting file formats like 3DS, TGA, TIFF and JPEG, and also with the 3D Studio MAX scene export plugin, it is really easy to get any scene geometry into RenderP3D.

CoberturaTênisSalão de Jogos

Featuring real-time previewing of the scene with OpenGL including lighting and texturization, RenderP3D allows the user to move freely around the scene with full scene collision detection. You can walk or fly though any scene just like in a 3D game, climbing stairs, moving around, jumping, all with full physics and parameters like gravity, friction and bump factors, velocity and force.

New support to GPU programs allows the best image quality in real-time mode for each different 3D hardware out there. Using NVidia FX line and ATI 9000 line of 3D video cards will give the best image quality available for real-time rendering with full per-fragment lighting including bump mapping, specular highlights and full scene shadows.

RenderP3D computes light reflection and refraction accurately, so that the scene can feature reflexive objects like mirrors and transparent objects like glass or water. For shadowing, it is possible to choose from direct and/or indirect shadows computation, generating sharp and/or diffuse shadows. RenderP3D also features indirect illumination where the light reflects on objects propagating their colors to the environment, in a proccess commonly know as radiosity..

Normal Ray-traceRay-trace + Indirect LightRay-trace Refraction/Reflection

For outdoors scenes, the diffuse shadows method added to a simple ray-traced solution with sharp shadows generates a very realistic solution, grouping together global shadows fom sunlight with diffuse shadows from lights in the environment.

Nomral Ray-traceIndirect Shadow MapRay-trace + Indirect Shadow

RenderP3D supports material properties like ambient, diffuse and specular colors, opacity, reflection intensity, refraction index, specular shininess, texture mapping, opacity textures and relief textures (bump maps). Using an OcTree to subdivide the 3D scene and supporting scenes with lots of thousands of polygons, RenderP3D generates impressively detailed rendered images very quickly.

The full source code for the RenderP3D application is available for licencing. It includes a static C++ library with several classes that will ease your 3D application or game development. The library includes code for optimized 3D math, 3D scene managment, collision detection based on octrees, advanced fragment-based real-time rendering, real-time shadows, ray-tracing and much, much more. Please contact us for more information.


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