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Things Cancer Fighters Need To Know


The Experimental Role of

The Photon Resonant Light Emission System

by Donald L Tunney

Without written permission, reproduction of this information for any commercial purpose is prohibited.

14 May 01

Cancer is making headway in the world today faster than the total of combined methods of treatments that have potential to defeat it.

This article will be difficult for some to read because it is a demonstration of "tough love" and the reality of the consequences of advanced Cancer. The reward, if you choose to use this guideline, provides a lifeline for you which is attached to a solid foundation.

So buckle up! This is a very rough ride and you may not be ready to hear this!

Claims of cancer cures by anyone developing, selling or using any Rife type technology is very questionable if it is being implied Rife technology is solely responsible for the cure! I am most willing to testify to this statement in a bonafide Court of Law should anyone out there wish to prosecute for this reason. Don't confuse "Cures" with "Remissions" - these are two different things. The first means after five years and you still dont have it you are considered cured. Remission just means there are no signs of the Cancer. In this situation, whatever caused the cancer is probably still lingering.

As a matter of record, for those of you who are not familiar with my name, if you investigate my participation in the development of resurrected Rife technology, specifically, the RifeBare system, you will find few individuals who can surpass my experience and knowledge in its uses or its construction.

Medical Doctors are invited to investigate this technology as a complementary tool for your profession. It will be the first line of defense in the war on cancer and many other major diseases in years to come.

For those of you fighting cancer I want you to know there are many researchers world wide who are dedicated to the elimination of this dreaded disease. I write this paper from a place deep in my heart wanting you to understand there is hope out there. Yet there is a reality you need to understand if you wish to survive. I have witnessed so many individuals who have died while seeking the magic wand that would cure them and in doing so permitted precious time to pass that could have been used more meaningfully. There are things out there that will help you but healing is ultimately your responsibility. Getting better is darn hard work. If you have advanced cancer, don't fool yourself into thinking you can do this on your own. By the time you realize it, it will be too late. So bite the bullet, exercise courage and trust and ask someone special for personal, spiritual and emotional support now.

Although I am a researcher I do not suggest I have all the answers. I am hopeful most of what I am stating here will stimulate your thinking and investigative nature, and lead you back into the land of the living.

Cancer fighters: If you really want to live and truly have a reason for living, you still must understand what cancer is if you are to survive. You cannot expect your doctor to have all the answers. Most of what you will learn here are things your doctor will be conversant with. A questioning mind is your best tool in surviving. Going through the motions or working very dedicatedly to defeat cancer without coming up to smell the roses, will surely lead to your demise.

If you have cancer, learn everything you can about it. Seek differences of opinions. Use your support person(s) to help your clarity of thought process. This is your key to being a cancer survivor rather than another victim. Cancer shows no mercy and does not discriminate between wealth or stature. It will never let up until you get to its cause. Cancer is opportunistic and relentless. When you let your guard down you die.

The reality:

I have worked with hundreds of cancer volunteers diagnosed with stage 3 and 4 cancer over the past five years. They came to me as a "last resort" after everything else failed. I have yet to see anyone "cured" using only Rife technology. However, I have witnessed from use of this technology:

a. cancer regression,

b. the advancement of cancer stopped and

c. cancer going into remission

I do not know of a single individual who used only Rife technology for cancer who is still alive. I have seen others who have made significant headway using Rife technology for cancer still die from heart attacks, pancreatic failure or Pneumonia. If you are an adult and are not prepared to make the emotional, physical and Spiritual commitments, your chance of defeating cancer is minimal.

That last paragraph may not sound too encouraging but let me say that is the reality of dealing with advanced cancer. It wins more often than it loses. It is not your friend. It is your enemy. For you to win you must know everything about it you can. Your life depends on it! If you want to live you must accept there is no magic wand that will "cure" your cancer.

You hold the POWER. There are effective ways of weighing the odds in your favour. Use them!

Ask questions about traditional modalities, such as chemo or radiation. While doing chemo, your immune system can be totally killed off, so much so you do not even come down with a viral cold or flu. Chemo cannot discriminate between the killing of good or bad microbes. It is this undiscriminating factor that compromises your immune system.

That being said, remember that chemo has some successes and it is important for you to discuss with your doctor/oncologist what are the odds of living after taking chemo compared to not having it. Then ask for the quality of life you can expect after taking the chemo. With this information you can make a more informed decision.

Your subconscious will remember what your doctor told you concerning how long statistically you are expected to live should you have asked. There is no easy answer to this question. In your mind now resides the Dr's prognosis.


JUST KEEP READING and you will see there is far more here than just giving you hope. You can actually do this!

The point being made here is to understand what is being said to you, evaluate the content and understand your doctor is telling you the truth.........unless you are willing to make immediate and necessary changes to your life. Most people with advanced cancers have difficulty making this commitment to themselves as their energy levels are already depleted from the disease. Getting better is difficult because most of you will be dealing with things you have been unaware of all your life. Can you make these changes? You bet you can!

As the aftermath of the chemo or radiation dissipates, the immune system slowly recovers..... but not usually fast enough. Often those dealing with Lung Cancer come down with Pneumonia during this transition. To stay alive antibiotics are used. In many cases antibiotics no longer work because your body is already saturated or intolerant of it from years of prior use. The same antibiotics are also in our commercial animal protein food chain like: chicken, beef, pork and turkey. The consequences of your life long antibiotic intake is that they may no longer work when needed.

Here are a few things you should investigate: These are not generally accepted by Allopathic medicine, however, they all have beneficial properties. Do not accept the negative things you read elsewhere about these items just because they did not work for someone. There also can be a lot of misleading information out there. Search for the truth!!

Used wisely these items often can help. Some, if used incorrectly could kill you.

- Food grade hydrogen-peroxide

- Ozone (3 and 4) plus air and water purification

- Hydrazine Sulfate

- Essiac

- Kombucha

- Colloidal Silver

- Grape seed extracts

- Carnivora, IP-6, PC-Spes, Laetril (B-17),

- Substituting unprocessed "sea salt" instead of using household iodized salt

- Chelation (oral or iv)

- Hyperbaric Chamber used with Oxygen


- "Eat Right For Your Blood Type" Author Dr. Peter D'Adamo ISBN 0-399-14255-x

- "Alkalize or Die" Author Dr. Theodore A. Baroody ISBN 0-9619595-3-3

- "The Cure For All Advanced Cancers" Author Hulda Clark Phd, ND ISBN 1-890035-16-5

Twenty First Century .......... soon to be infamous quotes:

"Smoking won't kill me," "I never get angry. I control it," "I won't worry about my daughter living on skid row," "That oven cleaner makes it easy for me, gasp!," "I still talk on my cell phone 8 hours a day," "I can take everyone's problems on and it won't hurt me," "I've eaten a pack of chips and drink a cola every day and I feel OK". "Alcohol makes me feel great.", "diet soft drinks are better for me than ones using sugars". If you identify with anything like this you are in BIG trouble.

Recovery often takes one or two years, perhaps longer. Face the reality. It took you years for your body to get this way. Often cancer has been developing in your body for years. During your recovery you need to understand what is happening with your body as a result of the changes you are making. Once "you" know and implement what you know, you can really beat this thing and cancer slowly gets defeated. Conditioning your body to be the "new you" is what takes the time.

Sudden depression, uncontrolled stress, going back into your old ways are some examples of what you cannot permit to happen. This is why support from other humans is so important. Your support person(s) has a difficult job. They have to know when to encourage you, when to push you and when to let up on the gas peddle. They need to know tough love. Giving into a need for you having your candy bar is a no no. Your spouse, unsuspectingly, may be the cancers best friend because they, in not having the disease, just do not understand what you need to do. Or you fight them offering their assistance. Money often becomes a BIG issue. Who is going to look after your Aunt or Mom? And these stresses contribute to your death. As partners, take responsibility for your collective needs and seek professional counseling to ensure the odds are in favour of recovery. After couples complete this phase you will realize the value of doing so.

YOU HAVE TO WAKE UP and GET REAL: If you can't, don't lay it on someone else when you get sick. If you feel the need for attention see a professional and don't take it out on your family. Your family will support you if you are willing to take on the responsibility to get well. For those of you still "puffing" away, don't waste your doctor's time as nothing short of a miracle will save you. I don't say this to be harsh but to bring the reality into perspective for your family and friends who have to watch you waste away. Dying is no big deal. We all will do it sooner or later. The way we live will decide the way we die. Only you have the power to choose the quality of your life before death.

The advantages of using a RifeBare system:

This system offers none of the negative side effects of chemo or radiation and it will provide the user with a much higher standard of life while fighting the cancer. Using the RifeBare system helps boost the immune system, reduce pain and stress, increases energy, promotes better sleep. It also addresses the cancer that your body no longer can handle on its own. The RifeBare will not cure your cancer but neither will chemo, radiation, drugs or surgery. All they can do is help to bring about a remission. The advantage in using the Photon Resonant Light Emission system is that within one or two weeks you know if it is working for you if you are working with a practitioner qualified in making this assessment. You will not have dangerous side effects using the RifeBare.

Dr. Royal Raymond Rife said everyone has the cancer causing microbe(s) in their body. In a normal healthy body, our systems handle the everyday disposal of it. When your body gets out of sync, the cancer growth exceeds the body's ability to get rid of it. When this happens your body needs assistance and this is where the RifeBare come in.

When is Rife technology working?:

When the frequencies used in a Rife system are "on target," a kill off is experienced. Some evidence will be apparent within two weeks if the device is being used by someone familiar with correct protocols. The volume of cancer mass in the body is an important consideration. The less you have the less apparent the results. An increase of pain, a weeping external tumor, spitting up bits of blood are often apparent and positive indicators the RifeBare is doing its job. Use of live blood analysis by an experienced microscopist is recommended. The use of MRI or Ultra Sound are often good verification methods of determining progress.

Slight swelling of the cancer tissue or tumor usually results from the initial use of the device. This may last anywhere from a day or two to a couple of weeks or more. Often some discomfort is associated.

Elevations in cancer markers and elevated PSA tests are also usually positive indicators. Tests often cannot determine live from dead cancer cells and collectively they are counted in the results.

You need to ask your doctor if CAT scan or X-ray can accelerate cancer growth. There is some controversy here but there is a sufficient amount of information circulating that should put on the caution light.

Aggressive use of the device by a trained practitioner is best because they know how to guide you through detox, nutritional changes and many other considerations. Unless you have the background and support being on your own may reduce your chances to survive.

The use of this technology is also very effective in the control of any virus, bacterium, fungi or yeast. As such, I recommend cancer fighters use these frequencies because some cancers are there because of these things. Example: Herpes virus is responsible in some breast and cervical cancers. Excessive E. Coli often accompanies Cancer.

There is a missing link in achieving a higher success rate with cancer in the Rife technology program. A scientific method of determining the precise frequencies needed to target the cancer and its cause. We have worked on this for many months and by this fall we will be able to increase effectiveness of the device by using diagnostic assistant equipment which will interface with a computer and our device. Early test results are very promising at this time. This partnering of equipment probably will revolutionize Allopathic and complementary medicine.

Cancer mutates soon after being attacked creating the need to identify the new frequencies. Often microbial mutation takes place between 4 and 12 weeks after using specific frequency protocols. In the past year I have seen Sarcoma frequencies work on cancers identified as Carcinomas and I believe the reverse is true. A new protocol which uses alternating Carcinoma and Sarcoma frequencies, is now being implemented in our testing which should increase the effectiveness of the RifeBare device. Remember to use e.Coli frequencies.

In the 1930's, Dr. Rife, using his 20,000 "optical" magnification microscope identified cancer as being a virus. I assume Dr. Rife could biopsy a cancer sample and using the microscope could identify the precise frequency required to kill it. Microscopes like this do not seem to be in use (or available) today.

In May 2000, I made an amazing (re)discovery using my optical darkfield microscope with digital computer enhancement. I viewed live microbes within a Carnivora sample. (3 sec view = 2.2MB - the speed of these microbes is not speeded up - look in the 7 to 8 oclock position) The microbes within this sample were in all appearance very similar or the same as samples of microbes I later viewed in Melanoma Cancer samples. THE MICROBE HERE IS E.COLI.

Rod Form (E.COLI) Cancer Micorbes digitally enhanced approx x 6000.

Supporting Reference: "The Cancer Microbe" Dr. Alan Cantwell, MD ISBN 0-917211-01-4


1. The microbes were viewed ALIVE and video taped (Normal viewing of these microbes using acid fast staining means all that can be seen are dead microbes

2. The abobe samples were dead one hour after use of the RifeBare at a distance of 10 feet which suggests a present day methodology can be devised to identify MOR frequencies

3. A "dried" and what appeared "dead" tissue sample became "alive" with similar microbes after a 30 minute soak in distilled water

4. Most of these microbes are incredibly fast

5. They are incredibly durable. One sample was still alive and well after 12 days at 70 F degree room temperature.

Other methods are being researched that can identify frequencies but to date nothing has provided the reliability of accuracies needed.

Analogy about what cancer is:

You come into your living room one day and see the window glass is broken. On the floor is a white round object. You relate the object to the hole in the glass and proceed to place the object in the garbage can to get rid of it. You get the window replaced.Two months later, again the window is broken and another white round object is found. This time you cut it up, put it into the garbage and have the window replaced again. A year later, after vacationing for two weeks, you come home and find the window is totally broken out and on the floor are several white round objects. By now I am sure you are getting the message. Unless you take measures to stop the ball from breaking your window you will not stop it from happening again and again by only taking the balls away.

Cancer is difficult to deal with effectively because cancer is ONLY the evidence of something else being out of balance in the body. It could be related to diet, exposures to chemicals, electromagnetic fields, life styles, or the combination of any of these.....that precipitates the cancer. Stress is the number one suspect.

Cancer thrives in an acidic Anaerobic (absence of Oxygen) condition within the body. Testing for this condition is controversial as few practitioners can agree what tests you should do to determine body pH. Essentially your body's muscles and organs increase lactic acid content which restricts Oxygen content and promotes cancer growth often in conjunction with the stomach producing excessive Hydrochloric acid. Urine testing between 10 am and noon for a couple of weeks should give you a solid guideline where your acid level is. Normal is between 6.4 and 7. Get a good quality litmus paper that has a colour chart to make the comparison. Anything consistantly under 6.4 is too acidic. Certain food intake will promote alkalinity and other foods acidity.

It is interesting to note that saliva and urine samples from volunteers with advanced cancer indicate extremely high bacterial and parasite counts. The removal of silver mercury amalgams will help. The underside of any filling seems to be a haven for unwanted bacterium to develope. Examples: Staph, Strep and Spirochete.

A declining environment, depleted nutrition in the soil, atmospheric pollution, oxygen starvation, chemical and electromagnetic saturation or combinations thereof, are contributors to what cancer can be influenced by.

Treat the cause, not the symptom. The sores on a Herpes Simplex victim are not the cause. It is the HSVirus which is responsible for initiating the outbreak of the sore. Treating a HSV sore with "whatever" does not prevent the Herpes virus from reoccurring. Nor does shrinking a cancer tumor for example, stop that cancer from reoccurring because the tumor is not the cause

Considerations that are relevant to long term survivability.

1. Accept that what works for one cancer fighter may not work for you

If it were that easy to defeat cancer it would already have been accomplished

2. If you are using a Rife device it must be working correctly

RifeBare systems are more complex than contact Rife type devices

3. The correct frequencies must be used to target the cancer

4. The practitioner or user must be familiar with correct protocols for device use

5. The cancer fighter must reduce stress. pH balance is critical. Those with cancer are always acidic. I have never seen anyone with cancer who is Alkalized. When acidic, Oxygen levels are low producing an anerobic environment ideal for growing cancer micobes

Of course, as a person gets worse, stress levels increase......hmmmmm so investigate and initiate Stress Management into your life

6. The cancer fighter must get on a proper diet

Don't assume the foods you are purchasing are perfect for you. Most food sources, even so called organically grown foods often lack minerals and trace elements.

Sweets of any kind contribute to the prolification of cancer microbes and to internal body pain.

7. Take measures to limit exposure to unwanted geopathic (EM) fields


a. ground faults (places where EM emissions exit the ground which we can have long term contact with ie: under your bed, favorite chair etc)

b. Microwave ovens, excessive use of a cell phone, water bed heaters etc

8. Make an assessment of other body conditions such as:

a. mineral and/or trace element and/or heavy metals

b. pH balance of blood, urine and saliva

9. Understand the benefits and use of colonics and other detoxification protocols

10. You cannot heal when in severe pain. Learn pain management without use of Morphine. "Spes" seems to help.

11. Maintain a dedicated routine and do not sabotage your own program

12. Find a support person or group. A superficial support person just will not be up to putting up with the changes that are often seen in the cancer fighter's personality, fears, angers and other pent up feelings. From what I have seen, a cancer fighter within this support situation does far better than those on their own. Love, laughter, encouragement, a connection with a Higher Power and reality are what you are after.

13. Need for regular exercise. This may be doing deep breathing, walking, rebounder or trampoline use, aerobics, whatever works best for you. The idea is to exercise the lymphatic system AND take in as much Oxygen into your blood stream as the exercise permits.


RTi Cancer Protocol

The submissions linked from this page are provided for the purpose of enhancing the universal knowledge of the use of the RifeBare device. It is not to be construed as treatment but rather as observations from the evaluation of the RifeBare device. The information offered here should not circumvent anything prescribed or advised by a medical doctor. Comments are based upon observations and are offered only as a guideline. Anything not completely understood by the reader should be clarified before following this offering.

20 Jul 01