Members of the NCC

60 Plus Association-- E-mail 60 Plus

The Advancement of Sound Science Coalition. TASSC's web site is TASSC

Alexis de Tocqueville Institution--AdTI's mission is to study, promote, and extend the principles of classical liberalism: political equality, civil liberty, and economic freedom.E-mail AdTI

Americans for Tax Reform--is a national clearinghouse for the grassroots taxpayers' movement working with hundreds of organizations active at the federal, state, and local level on all issues which pertain to taxes and government regulation.E-mail ATR

Association of Concerned Taxpayers--E-mail ACT

Atlas Economic Research Foundation--helps to create and develop independent public policy research organizations internationally by providing intellectual entrepreneurs with advice, financial support, workshops, and access to a network of leaders who share a commitment to achieving a free society. E-mail Atlas

Capital Research Center--established in 1984 to study critical issues in philanthropy, with a special focus on non-profit "public interest" and advocacy groups, the funding sources which sustain them, their agendas, and their impact on public policy and society. E-mail CRC

Citizens Against Government Waste--fighting to cut government waste, eliminate the deficit and reduce the size and scope of the federal government. E-mail CAGW

Citizens for a Sound Economy--believes that a strong and vibrant free-market economic system offers the best hope for creating opportunity and improving the quality of life for every American. E-mail CSE

Committee For A Constructive Tomorrow--E-mail CFACT

Competitive Enterprise Institute-- is a pro-market, public policy group committed to advancing the principles of free enterprise and limited government. E-mail CEI

Consumer Alert--Consumer Alert is a nationwide membership organization committed to protecting consumer choice and promoting economic growth. E-mail Consumer Alert

Defenders of Property Rights--is the only national public interest law foundation devoted exclusively to helping private property owners who have been deprived of their property by government actions. E-mail Defenders of Property Rights

Foundation for American Liberty

Frontiers of Freedom--is dedicated to protecting the constitutional rights of all Americans and restoring constitutional limits on the extent and power of government. E-mail Frontiers of Freedom

Fund for a New Generation

Heartland Institute--The Heartland Institute is a nonprofit, nonpartisan think tank that applies cutting-edge research to state and local public policy issues. Their research has been used by concerned citizens across the country to cut taxes and reduce spending. E-mail Heartland

National Center for Policy Analysis--The primary goal of the NCPA is to develop and promote private alternatives to government regulation and control, solving problems by relying on the strengths of the competitive,entrepreneurial private sector. E-mail NCPA

National Center for Public Policy Research--It uses research, information dissemination and grassroots & coalition educational programs to develop and illustrate to the general public the conservative perspective on issues of national concern. E-mail NCPPR

Political Economy Research Center--a market-oriented think tank focusing on environmental and natural resource issues. E-mail PERC

Public Interest Institute--E-mail PII

Seniors Coalition--E-mail The Seniors Coalition

Small Business Survival Committee--a nonpartisan, nonprofit free-market organization that works to roll back the burdensome tax and regulatory demands on business and entrepreneurs. E-mail SBSC

United Seniors Association--E-mail United Seniors

Women for Tax Reform--E-mail WTR

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